Stocking the Fridge: Before and After

After not grocery shopping for longer than I care to admit, I FINALLY restocked my fridge. It looks so much better.


  • Cheeses, salsa, mayo, cat food, expired dishes/veggies, maple syrup, water


  • Top shelf: ground beef, ground turkey, steaks, bacon, quail
  • Middle shelf: eggs, grapes
  • Lower shelf: olives, tomatos, red leaf lettuce, boston lettuce, kale, carrots, lemons, cucumber, broccoli
  • Left drawer: cauliflower, green pepper, red pepper, onions more broccoli
  • Right drawer: grapefruit, apples, pumpkin

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Addicted (Day 43)

Wednesday will be a big day for me. It’s my deadline to finish my college’s Writers’ Festival magazine design. For anyone who’s an artist, I have nine prints to finish. I’m not working alone though; though I’m the “art director,” I’m also working with a collager, photographer, and two people who are very good at InDesign.

Despite working with an amazing team, I am slammed with a lot of work. This afternoon, after spending much of yesterday and today on the project, I told myself to stop, take a deep breath, and take some time to myself. I’m going to meet Wednesday’s deadline come hail or hellfire, and I’m willing to sacrifice two hours of sleep for a little me-time.

Amazingly, me-time didn’t include vegging on the couch, sitting and drawing, or writing. Instead, I headed out to the gym to climb, an activity that I normally save for Fridays.

Get the title yet?

More importantly, I am choosing to exercise as a form of relaxation. As a student, it can be super tempting after a long day to just melt into the office chair, waiting for homework to go away or for someone to call to go out. Not tonight.

Tonight, I climbed for myself, for fun. I’m hoping that the emphasis on physical activity in my life will continue!

For the climbing geeks out there, I’m actually very proud of myself. I did four full runs including a warm-up, three of which were 5.8s (I had been struggling since I’m just getting back into climbing)! I have two runs that I couldn’t get in addition to the four—one is a 5.8, and the other is a 5.8+. I’m looking forward to Thursday, the next time Im climbing, to try again!


Beans, bacon, and hard boiled eggs (Breakfast).

Super-healthy salad (Lunch).

Tim Ferriss Stir Fry... ugh, last day in a row on this one!! (Dinner).

Totals day 43

Until tomorrow,


Two Weeks and Going Strong (Day 15)

Whew, today was intense! I forgot my AGG stack at lunch again, which means this is the second time this week that I’ve missed a supplement with a meal. I think I’m going to forgo my “off” day and just not take PAG at bedtime on Wednesday.

I hit the gym again today and did the same workout routine: 2 minutes running, 2 minutes walking for 30 minutes. I’m hitting 4K this way and would love to inch it up to 5, though I don’t think that’s going to happen this week as I’m still huffing and puffing by the end of the workout.

Workin' like a dog!

Workin' like a dog!

I also did strength training. Good god, two-part push ups are NOT easy. I start fully extended in push up position, go down halfway and hold for 2 seconds, go down all the way and hold for 2 seconds, come to the halfway point and hold for two seconds, and finish by fulling extending my arms for (you guessed it!) two second. After two reps of 15 my arms are pooped!

I WILL get Michelle Obama arms!

The nice thing about all this working out is that my legs are feeling less and less sore after I run. Endurance success! I know that Tim Ferriss recommends kettlebells but I can’t afford them and I genuinely enjoy runner’s rush. Besides, I’m losing weight regardless of exercise!

Workout Plan

Meals were pretty standard. There is a sadness amongst the house because (GADZOOKS, NO!) we ran out of bacon today. I MUST get more tomorrow!

Shredded bacon and scrambled eggs, pinto beans, mixed veggies (I couldn't finish the pinto beans/veggies mix) (Breakfast).

Leftover pintos and veggies, chicken thigh, salad with balsamic vinegar and crushed hard boiled egg (Lunch).

Taco Salad Bowl 1 (Dinner)

Taco Salad Bowl 2 (Dinner)

Jello dessert!

Nutritional Totals

Until tomorrow,

Judgement Day (Day 5)

Today is my last day before The Great Cheat, or my first cheat day since I started the diet. I am so ready for it! Today wasn’t a failure though… well, beyond exercising.

I feel like my body is slowly taking steps backwards. I should really look up how to train my body back into running mode; before I started slacking on personal care, I took advantage of the fact that I could run 7/8 minute miles comfortably and sustainably. Now… now I hobbled to .86 miles at 5.5mph (about an 11 minute mile) before my left calf  seized. I paused the treadmill, stretched, and power-walked/walked (slowly increasing speed from 2.5mph and maxing at 4.0mph) until I finished my 20-minute session. Though slightly discouraged, I am still undeterred from getting back to my eight-minute mile. I have new goals.

~ Run a mile without stopping ~
~ Run a mile without stopping within 10 minutes ~
~ Run a mile without stopping within 9 minutes ~
~ Run a mile without stopping within 8:30 minutes ~
~ Run a mile without stopping within 8:00 minutes ~
~ Run a mile without stopping within 7:30 minutes ~
~ Run a mile without stopping within 7 minutes ~
~ Run a mile without stopping within 6:30 minutes ~

And I believe that they are entirely doable.


Scrambled eggs with bacon bits (3 egg whites, one full egg), black eyed peas, and mixed vegetables (Breakfast)

Taco salad (Lunch)

Faux mashed potatoes mixed with two chicken thighs' meat, salad with homemade balsamic vinegar dressing, leftover taco salad (Dinner)

Sugarless Jello (Dessert)

For strength training, today was core day. I got Aaron to participate and… it was intense. But a good kind of intense.

Ab workout

Day 5 nutritional information