Just a quick before/after

I need to get myself re-motivated after a month-long hiatus (too much vacation time? I think so). School starts again tomorrow and I have to avoid all that naughty junk food. THUS: PICS!



Okay so I’m not looking as nice as my lower picture atm. I need motivation to get back to exercising and eating healthily. I might start food blogging and calorie counting again. /sigh I wish it were just easy to ignore all the yummy pastas and easy prepackaged foods while on vacation.

I’m starting back up again tomorrow. I’m promising myself that! Words of motivation would be super, super appreciated yall!


Still Getting Back Into It (Day 5)

I’m finding it difficult to not cheat here and there and everywhere with paleo. I’m used to falling back on my cheat day, and that would keep me strong during the week. What am I endlessly allured to?

Those fruity, delicious summer drinks.

Yes, in the past few days, I’ve had shots, beers, and piña coladas. Fellow dieters, alcohol is possibly the best way to undermine your diet and travel down a dangerously delectable path to obesity and beyond. I have to stave myself off.

To be clear, no, I’m not drinking alone. I’m a 20-something in the summertime. There is temptation everywhere.

I need to get out of the mindset that alcohol is something I can have whenever I want. I mean I can, but my body can’t handle it. Oh Miss Colada. I will miss you.

I have been without consistent internet for the past few days, but I’ve been pretty good with keeping paleo. I would say I’m 90% there. Okay. Eighty if you count the alcohol. Maybe 75%. But today was especially good. Pictures!  Continue reading

It’s Been 2 Months

Hey 4HB folks!

It’s been 2 months since I threw down my last bean and screamed, “I’ve had enough!” I left the 4HB project, swearing to never look at another taco salad or stir fry ever again, and hoping for a new beginning. I had hit 124.4 lbs, and hoped to keep it there.

Now, two months (or 57 days later), I have gained 5lbs. Not horrible, not unmanageable, but after realizing it takes three weeks to lose just 5lbs, it’s still somewhat depressing. I don’t want to continue gaining weight, but 4HB is not sustainable for me. I need something new. Before I go into the paleo diet, I first want to highlight what I have kept from 4HB that likely has slowed the weight gain.

  1. High protein breakfasts within the first hour of waking. Okay, they are perhaps not as high as they should be. I eat two whole eggs and an egg white every morning, which is about 18g protein, as opposed to the prescribed 20g-30g. Clearly, I need more bacon.  Continue reading

Confidence and The Dress

Hey 4HB/Paleo people!

I am excited to start blogging again about food and weight loss, and my journey branching off 4HB into other weight management lifestyles. But before I do that, I wanted to share some great news with everyone on the blog.

Currently my scale isn’t working (AGAIN) and I haven’t taken a measurement since April 9th. However, I know assuredly that I’ve lost weight. How, you ask?

The goal dress.

For those of you who haven’t been following me for a while, or have been and need a reminder, I’ve been hoarding away a size 4 goal dress in my closet. I did something dangerous and bought it before it fit me; one of my goals for the diet was to fit in. The Dress has been a big motivator on the diet.

A model in The Dress

Another thing that I have been diligent about is not posting pictures of myself. That changes today. Why? Because, dear friends, I am celebrating that I fit into my goal dress. And I have the confidence to celebrate this achievement :).  Continue reading

The End of 4 Hour Body

Well folks, I did 100 days on this diet, and I’m finding it time to call it quits.

Lately I have been feeling sick, and there is nothing to blame but the diet. I think that weeks of reducing my meals to eggs, stir fry, taco salad, and chicken thighs have ultimately been unhealthy for me. I started taking a women’s dietary supplement a month in to address some of these problems, but it’s not the same as getting the nutrients non-synthetically.

Furthermore, my rate of weight-loss has slowly been decreasing. That is in part because my dedication to the diet has been wavering; I have had about one additional cheat meal a week. However, I also believe that the shock of going onto a low carb diet is wearing off. If you look at Tim’s study in the back of the book, his main study only lasted a month. From there, he only lists extreme cases of people doing well on the diet–like his father. It makes me wonder if in the long term, this diet is only meant for certain metabolisms. Furthermore, I wonder why he didn’t list any long-term women… and studied women far less than he studied men. From what I’ve seen in active 4HB communities, women do far poorer on the 4-Hour Body diet than men. I doubt that this is a coincidence. Thus, I believe that 4HB is great for shocking the system into losing weight quickly for about 4 weeks, but nothing longer than that.

Right now I am at 124.4 pounds, right where I was last week. The following week is my period–my weight will go up, and then likely drop back to 124.4 no matter what I do. After that, I graduate. I’ve decided that I’m going to take these last few weeks of college and focus on enjoying time with my friends instead of regulating my diet so intensely that I decline beers mid-week because I’m afraid of the effects of cheating. Sometimes, I feel like 4HB is a regulated eating disorder, full on with scare tactics, incredibly strict rules, and numeric obsession. Once again, it’s time for me to end.

SO, now that I quit, where do I go from here?

The Post 4HB Diet

There have been many important educational experiences from 4HB that I intend to stick with beyond the diet.

1. Eat a big breakfast with a ton of protein.
In general, this has had  a positive impact on the way that I eat, even if I’m binging. Eating a big breakfast has made me less hungry throughout the day and definitely wakes me up in the morning. I fully intend on keeping with my eggs/turkey bacon/veggies/beans routine in the morning.

2. Emphasize lean meats and vegetables.
I haven’t missed eating fatty meat at all, and I find that I am most ready to exercise after I’ve had an animal-flesh intensive meal. I do miss fruit on occasion, but I agree with Tim that we don’t need to emphasize it as much as the government tells us to. For the most part, fruit is pure sugar.

3. Continue exercising.
This one is a no-brainer. I lose more weight the weeks that I climb more frequently, plus I feel better. Though Tim doesn’t emphasize exercise in his diet plan, he should.

4. Continue avoiding white carbs.
This is going to continue to be difficult for me. I have missed pasta, rice, and bread. However, I do believe that it is what has made me chubby in the past. Thus, I should continue avoiding it.

5. Continue avoiding processed foods.
For the same reasons as above.

6. Continue drinking enough water.
I’m pretty sure that my personal policy of drinking 8-10C of water a day is what led me to getting rid of all my acne and feeling great throughout the day.

Concluding Thoughts

For those who are familiar,  my new diet sounds a lot like primal/paleo. Tim’s diet is based off these concepts, so that shouldn’t be too surprising. However, I’m going to need to toy and tinker to find the right diet for me, not some prescribed diet that’s supposed to fit everyone. I don’t think it works that way.

I intend to keep this blog running to meditate on changes to my diet and keep me honest; this blog has been the best thing for me in my 100-day run on 4HB. There has not been a lot documented about going off 4HB–what to do about the supplements, should I do squats after every meal, should I drink grapefruit juice regularly–so I hope to begin answering some of those questions. I will be happy if I lose more weight but not disappointed if I don’t.

It’s been a good run, folks.
– Suzie


Folks, this diet has slowly been killing me. I had an all out binge…. sadly, I even have pictures to prove it.

I pretty much woke up and ran out of the apartment screaming “NOOOOO MOOOOOREE EGGS! NOOOO MOOOORE BEANS! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!” After finding the nearest fast food place, I snuggled into a warm, plastic seat, and ordered a delicious mound of  Hardee’s Monster Biscuit.


Of course I had to wash it down with coke and rum for a morning boost before driving (swerving) to class.


Now when I’m drunk, I crave cigarettes. I smoked 14 packs.


On my way to class I decided to stop at one of my favorite famous Atlanta establishments, The Varsity. I ate three servings of onion rings and had a frosted orange milkshake to wash it down.


When I got back into my car, it wouldn’t start due to the heavy object in the front left seat. I got out and walked to school (no big, just 10 miles), and found myself starving in time for class. Luckily, it was FRY DAY FRY DAY FRY DAY, a day of FRIES and FUN FUN FUN. My art professor decided that it was time for us to use a new medium, french fry grease and chocolate milkshakes, to express ourselves. Naturally, after art, we munched on our new art supplies.


Following art class I decided to go on a bike ride with that friend who always puts her hands in my picture. On our way around campus, we ran into K. Together, the three of us went to Taco Mac and had 17 Blue Moons between the three of us. They told me I had eight beers, I only remember drinking six. Whatever.

K's little friend got in on the fun too!

Following our trip to Taco Mac, it was lunch time. We decided to go to Burger King. Double Whopper with cheese, here I come!


Naturally, I washed it down with a large Dairy Queen Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard.


And Dairy Queen fries.


Following this, I was feeling a little bit full, so I decided to lean back and digest for a few hours. Come 4:00, I was craving something sweet, so I decided to have another chocolate chip choreo from a few cheat days ago.


This held me over until dinner. I was feeling so free from the diet that I didn’t even notice that I didn’t eat enough protein this morning, so as a pre-dinner snack, I had 10 slices of bacon. Real bacon. With sugar and butter. Fuck yes.


For dinner, Aaron and I decided to go out to a lovely establishment called KFC, because we roll southern style. Aaron didn’t want to go off the diet, so he brought beans and lentils to hold him over. However, after watching me devour two containers of KFC popcorn chicken, he decided to go crazy and have a banana. I don’t know what he was thinking.


Following the squats that Aaron insisted on, we decided that we would both grab dessert. After taking our alpha lipoic acid, aged garlic extract, and green tea extract, we hurried over to The Cheesecake Factory. I had a Brownie Sundae Cheesecake (which I will likely also have tomorrow, because tomorrow is cheat day).


After this… I decided I was full. You can start calling me Michael Phelps.

Totals Day 82

I am now going to go take a shit for the next 36 hours. Peace.


I WILL Fit Into This Dress (Day 45)

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning (thank you!!), you might remember this purchase: the Lilly Pulitzer “Franco” Prep Green Dress.

The Pretty Dress

I, however, have yet to wear this dress. It’s been sitting, lonely, in the depths of my closet, waiting for someone to wear her. I haven’t even clipped the tag yet!

The dress I have never worn, tag included.

Why did I buy a dress back in January and still haven’t worn it yet (besides the obvious fact that it’s a sundress)? It’s a size four. I am currently a size six. That means that this dress, my dress, is a goal dress. Like people work towards fitting in to their old favorite jeans or aim to lift 200lbs, I want to fit into this article of clothing by the end of the semester. It’s entirely doable.

So blogosphere, meet Goal Dress. I will try her on when my waist is below 27″ and my hips are below 35″. This is entirely doable.

Food today was good.

Egg whites and faux mashed potatoes (Breakfast).

Chicken breast and salad (Lunch).

Taco salad and two chicken thighs (Dinner).

Totals Day 45

Until tomorrow,

Happy Monthiversary! (Day 32)

On January 10th of this year, I started my diet. A month in, here are some of my results (and I will do numerical results again after measurements on Saturday too):

I'm a dog person

– I have lost 7.6 lbs as of last Saturday, which reduces my body size by 5.5%.
– I have lost 5.75% body fat.
– I have never cheated on a non-cheat day.
– I have posted all meals on this blog, with the exception of one jello in the first week.

– I am feeling healthier, happier, and stronger.
– Sugarless jello has saved me time and time again from cheating. Sunflower seeds are also amazing.
– Rock climbing is a good decision. I wish I could do it more.
– I really like figuring out a few foods that I want for cheat day. It gives a nice balance of structure and impulsivity for my entire free day.
– Support, both on and offline. ❤

– I am sucking at working out. I’ve probably gone ten times (seven times…) in the past month.
– I still crave carbs and I’m not convinced that I can stay on this diet forever.
– I let the side-effects of my monthly get to me, which Tim Ferris said SPECIFICALLY not to do. This month, I’m just going to try to keep water-weight in perspective.
– Though I take my PAGG stack pretty regularly, I tend to screw up probably 5-10% of the time.

I’m excited for the diet’s progress. I’m excited for cheat days and weight loss. I’m not excited about continuing to do the diet, of course, but I have no idea how I would actually get off of it. Either way, I’m not going to stop until I’m at 18% body fat or weigh 108 lbs.

I’m going to celebrate properly on Saturday with cannolis, Princess Mononoke, and Tesoro’s.

Food for today:

Black beans, veggies, bacon, eggs (Breakfast).
Philly cheese steak with no cheese or bread (Lunch).
Shrimp stir-fry (Dinner).
Jello (Snack).
.5 C Sunflower Seeds (Snack).

Totals for Day 32

Until tomorrow,

Two Weeks and Going Strong (Day 15)

Whew, today was intense! I forgot my AGG stack at lunch again, which means this is the second time this week that I’ve missed a supplement with a meal. I think I’m going to forgo my “off” day and just not take PAG at bedtime on Wednesday.

I hit the gym again today and did the same workout routine: 2 minutes running, 2 minutes walking for 30 minutes. I’m hitting 4K this way and would love to inch it up to 5, though I don’t think that’s going to happen this week as I’m still huffing and puffing by the end of the workout.

Workin' like a dog!

Workin' like a dog!

I also did strength training. Good god, two-part push ups are NOT easy. I start fully extended in push up position, go down halfway and hold for 2 seconds, go down all the way and hold for 2 seconds, come to the halfway point and hold for two seconds, and finish by fulling extending my arms for (you guessed it!) two second. After two reps of 15 my arms are pooped!

I WILL get Michelle Obama arms!

The nice thing about all this working out is that my legs are feeling less and less sore after I run. Endurance success! I know that Tim Ferriss recommends kettlebells but I can’t afford them and I genuinely enjoy runner’s rush. Besides, I’m losing weight regardless of exercise!

Workout Plan

Meals were pretty standard. There is a sadness amongst the house because (GADZOOKS, NO!) we ran out of bacon today. I MUST get more tomorrow!

Shredded bacon and scrambled eggs, pinto beans, mixed veggies (I couldn't finish the pinto beans/veggies mix) (Breakfast).

Leftover pintos and veggies, chicken thigh, salad with balsamic vinegar and crushed hard boiled egg (Lunch).

Taco Salad Bowl 1 (Dinner)

Taco Salad Bowl 2 (Dinner)

Jello dessert!

Nutritional Totals

Until tomorrow,

5 Ways the Internet Makes Dieting Easier (Day 11)

Yes, the internet has its problems when it comes to dieting, like encouraging young girls to being unnaturally skinny or promoting unhealthy weight-loss methods. However, I’ve found that the web has done far more good than harm. Here’s why:
  1. Support. I post links to my blog on Twitter and Facebook (#4HB), and all I see is people responding with positive feedback and encouragement. Sometimes, in the offline world, it can be tempting to try and goad dieters into eating unhealthy (I know I’ve definitely done it), and we all have friends like this. However, in the online world food isn’t ever present, so there isn’t such a temptation to fall to a saboteur.
  2. Follow me on Twitter! @rburger11

    Accountability. I know that people read my blog pretty regularly, so I feel guilty when I don’t post. Accountability online has translated to accountability offline; I don’t know how I would have gotten through yesterday without it.

  3. Motivation. Like everyone, there have been days when I haven’t wanted to work out, or that I have really wanted a beer, or just want an easy dinner. However, I know that if I post my temptations on Twitter or in a status, people I don’t even know will give me that swift kick in the butt that I need. I feel like the Four Hour Body network has a really great community, and instead of sitting down in a group therapy session like Weight Watchers 10 years ago, motivation from others comes in a heartbeat 24/7 through social media. Thank god!
  4. Online Tools. Though 4HB claims that one can diet without counting calories (though doesn’t discourage it), I still track my fitness and caloric, fat, carb, and protein intake through Sparkpeople.com, a free online weight loss community. There is little more encouraging than checking off workouts in my routine, or finding that I effortlessly ate less than 1500 calories in one day. There are tons of other tools available too, you just need to find them!
  5. Information. I am no 4 Hour Body expert; I only read the chapters that applied directly to me (well… except the 15-minute orgasm chapter. Who could resist??), and I’ve had to reread them more than once. While I am no expert, there are people online with awesome ideas, like recipes, professional insights, and encouraging stories.

My day, as you can tell, has gone pretty well! I have great energy and renewed enthusiasm in the Four Hour Body. I’ve already made plans for Saturday: Tesoro‘s for lunch (and perhaps a wee bit of day drinking) and a party for supper. Just 2286 minutes until I can break into some carby goodness.

Two whole eggs, two egg whites, black beans, and veggies (breakfast)

Turkey taco salad (I couldn't even finish it! — Lunch)

Leftover taco salad, faux mashed potatoes, and salad (Dinner)

Mmm yummy. I made more sugarless jello last night too… if I weren’t full right now I’d be breaking into that. I’ve found that the jello and sunflower seeds have been the best things to curb any cravings. That, and knowing that Saturday is right around the corner!

Day 11 finals

Until tomorrow!