The Great Return

Masticate This!

She’s back! After a long hiatus from the blog, I’ve been reminded of how important blogging about food has led to success in taking care of my body. I am going to return to the posting pictures and calorie counts for the day. In addition, I have a new addition to my family! Continue reading


The Collapse (My Experience at CrossFit, Part 4 of 4)

The last day sucked.

My last day at CrossFit I faced a serious case of muscle fatigue. I could barely get into a full squat, let alone lift weights or drag myself across the floor doing bear crawls. To put it simply, my last day I sucked. Continue reading

I Could Wrestle Then Eat a Bear If I Had the Energy (My Experience at CrossFit, Part 2 of 4)

I is ded kitteh. Ded kittehs don't need to do CrossFit.

It was really hard to go back to day two of training. My thighs have been especially sore from the squats and rowing that we did yesterday, and I had no idea what was in store for me. Thankfully, the program was a little more lenient, but not by much. Continue reading

Sweating Blood, Dying, then Returning to Life as a Fitter Suzie (My Experience at Crossfit, Part 1 of 4)

Thank god for deal sites like Groupon, Living Social, and in this case, Facebook. Crossfit is expensive, and that had always deterred me from trying (I have seen prices ranging from $150 to $250 a month). However, through the power of social media, I came across a deal that advertised,

Two Weeks of CrossFit Fitness Program for 2 at CrossFit O-Zone in Lawrenceville, GA
Purchased Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 7:55pm from Facebook Deals

So Christine, my now workout buddy, and I are trying this out for the next two weeks. Yesterday was our first day.

We have the pleasure of a personal trainer working with us through the introductory class, which runs from yesterday (Monday) through Thursday. He started us off with a light jog, about a quarter mile. Fine, I can do that. Then, he stretched us out. No big deal. Next he showed us what we were going to try to do as a workout.

Continue reading

An Introduction to Free Climbing Pt1: Equipment

As many of you know, I enjoy climbing as my sport of choice. I’m not fantastically good at it—I definitely need to drop my body fat a bit more and I’ve never taken a class—but it’s something that I love and enjoy doing a few times a week. Today I start a several-part series on what rock climbing is, how people can participate, and a bit of technique.

Despite the above picture, most of the climbing I do is at a gym. I am lucky enough to live four minutes away from Stone Summit, USA’s largest climbing gym. Thus, this perspective will be given for indoor climbing, otherwise known as free climbing. Continue reading

Is it Possible to be Strong and Feminine?

Gina is the editor of “The First Fifteen Pounds,” a blog documenting her introduction into the paleo lifestyle and her progress in Taekwondo. She is a former roommate of mine, a close friend, and has been a fantastic blogger since 2008. 


Ah, the age old question of the feminist movement. But here we aren’t talking about psychologically, financially, or societally, we’re talking about physically. It is possible to build muscle strength and still fit into whatever your definition of feminine is?

Since this is something that has been on my mind a bit lately, I decided to keep my eyes open for information about the issue.

There is an excellent post on one of my favorite blogs, Everyday Paleo, about this very question. The guest poster, Jason Seib of Primitive Stimulus, details the capabilities of one of his female clients, who can pump a ridiculous amount of iron but still looks pretty standard-fare feminine (and beautiful!). In the interest of keeping this woman’s picture at least somewhat under her control, I suggest you look at the post to see her before and after pictures. Pretty awesome!

Additionally, a simple Google image search of women who do cross fit shows a lot of really feminine-looking women. Here are a few for examples: Continue reading

It’s Been 2 Months

Hey 4HB folks!

It’s been 2 months since I threw down my last bean and screamed, “I’ve had enough!” I left the 4HB project, swearing to never look at another taco salad or stir fry ever again, and hoping for a new beginning. I had hit 124.4 lbs, and hoped to keep it there.

Now, two months (or 57 days later), I have gained 5lbs. Not horrible, not unmanageable, but after realizing it takes three weeks to lose just 5lbs, it’s still somewhat depressing. I don’t want to continue gaining weight, but 4HB is not sustainable for me. I need something new. Before I go into the paleo diet, I first want to highlight what I have kept from 4HB that likely has slowed the weight gain.

  1. High protein breakfasts within the first hour of waking. Okay, they are perhaps not as high as they should be. I eat two whole eggs and an egg white every morning, which is about 18g protein, as opposed to the prescribed 20g-30g. Clearly, I need more bacon.  Continue reading

The End of 4 Hour Body

Well folks, I did 100 days on this diet, and I’m finding it time to call it quits.

Lately I have been feeling sick, and there is nothing to blame but the diet. I think that weeks of reducing my meals to eggs, stir fry, taco salad, and chicken thighs have ultimately been unhealthy for me. I started taking a women’s dietary supplement a month in to address some of these problems, but it’s not the same as getting the nutrients non-synthetically.

Furthermore, my rate of weight-loss has slowly been decreasing. That is in part because my dedication to the diet has been wavering; I have had about one additional cheat meal a week. However, I also believe that the shock of going onto a low carb diet is wearing off. If you look at Tim’s study in the back of the book, his main study only lasted a month. From there, he only lists extreme cases of people doing well on the diet–like his father. It makes me wonder if in the long term, this diet is only meant for certain metabolisms. Furthermore, I wonder why he didn’t list any long-term women… and studied women far less than he studied men. From what I’ve seen in active 4HB communities, women do far poorer on the 4-Hour Body diet than men. I doubt that this is a coincidence. Thus, I believe that 4HB is great for shocking the system into losing weight quickly for about 4 weeks, but nothing longer than that.

Right now I am at 124.4 pounds, right where I was last week. The following week is my period–my weight will go up, and then likely drop back to 124.4 no matter what I do. After that, I graduate. I’ve decided that I’m going to take these last few weeks of college and focus on enjoying time with my friends instead of regulating my diet so intensely that I decline beers mid-week because I’m afraid of the effects of cheating. Sometimes, I feel like 4HB is a regulated eating disorder, full on with scare tactics, incredibly strict rules, and numeric obsession. Once again, it’s time for me to end.

SO, now that I quit, where do I go from here?

The Post 4HB Diet

There have been many important educational experiences from 4HB that I intend to stick with beyond the diet.

1. Eat a big breakfast with a ton of protein.
In general, this has had  a positive impact on the way that I eat, even if I’m binging. Eating a big breakfast has made me less hungry throughout the day and definitely wakes me up in the morning. I fully intend on keeping with my eggs/turkey bacon/veggies/beans routine in the morning.

2. Emphasize lean meats and vegetables.
I haven’t missed eating fatty meat at all, and I find that I am most ready to exercise after I’ve had an animal-flesh intensive meal. I do miss fruit on occasion, but I agree with Tim that we don’t need to emphasize it as much as the government tells us to. For the most part, fruit is pure sugar.

3. Continue exercising.
This one is a no-brainer. I lose more weight the weeks that I climb more frequently, plus I feel better. Though Tim doesn’t emphasize exercise in his diet plan, he should.

4. Continue avoiding white carbs.
This is going to continue to be difficult for me. I have missed pasta, rice, and bread. However, I do believe that it is what has made me chubby in the past. Thus, I should continue avoiding it.

5. Continue avoiding processed foods.
For the same reasons as above.

6. Continue drinking enough water.
I’m pretty sure that my personal policy of drinking 8-10C of water a day is what led me to getting rid of all my acne and feeling great throughout the day.

Concluding Thoughts

For those who are familiar,  my new diet sounds a lot like primal/paleo. Tim’s diet is based off these concepts, so that shouldn’t be too surprising. However, I’m going to need to toy and tinker to find the right diet for me, not some prescribed diet that’s supposed to fit everyone. I don’t think it works that way.

I intend to keep this blog running to meditate on changes to my diet and keep me honest; this blog has been the best thing for me in my 100-day run on 4HB. There has not been a lot documented about going off 4HB–what to do about the supplements, should I do squats after every meal, should I drink grapefruit juice regularly–so I hope to begin answering some of those questions. I will be happy if I lose more weight but not disappointed if I don’t.

It’s been a good run, folks.
– Suzie


Folks, this diet has slowly been killing me. I had an all out binge…. sadly, I even have pictures to prove it.

I pretty much woke up and ran out of the apartment screaming “NOOOOO MOOOOOREE EGGS! NOOOO MOOOORE BEANS! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!” After finding the nearest fast food place, I snuggled into a warm, plastic seat, and ordered a delicious mound of  Hardee’s Monster Biscuit.


Of course I had to wash it down with coke and rum for a morning boost before driving (swerving) to class.


Now when I’m drunk, I crave cigarettes. I smoked 14 packs.


On my way to class I decided to stop at one of my favorite famous Atlanta establishments, The Varsity. I ate three servings of onion rings and had a frosted orange milkshake to wash it down.


When I got back into my car, it wouldn’t start due to the heavy object in the front left seat. I got out and walked to school (no big, just 10 miles), and found myself starving in time for class. Luckily, it was FRY DAY FRY DAY FRY DAY, a day of FRIES and FUN FUN FUN. My art professor decided that it was time for us to use a new medium, french fry grease and chocolate milkshakes, to express ourselves. Naturally, after art, we munched on our new art supplies.


Following art class I decided to go on a bike ride with that friend who always puts her hands in my picture. On our way around campus, we ran into K. Together, the three of us went to Taco Mac and had 17 Blue Moons between the three of us. They told me I had eight beers, I only remember drinking six. Whatever.

K's little friend got in on the fun too!

Following our trip to Taco Mac, it was lunch time. We decided to go to Burger King. Double Whopper with cheese, here I come!


Naturally, I washed it down with a large Dairy Queen Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard.


And Dairy Queen fries.


Following this, I was feeling a little bit full, so I decided to lean back and digest for a few hours. Come 4:00, I was craving something sweet, so I decided to have another chocolate chip choreo from a few cheat days ago.


This held me over until dinner. I was feeling so free from the diet that I didn’t even notice that I didn’t eat enough protein this morning, so as a pre-dinner snack, I had 10 slices of bacon. Real bacon. With sugar and butter. Fuck yes.


For dinner, Aaron and I decided to go out to a lovely establishment called KFC, because we roll southern style. Aaron didn’t want to go off the diet, so he brought beans and lentils to hold him over. However, after watching me devour two containers of KFC popcorn chicken, he decided to go crazy and have a banana. I don’t know what he was thinking.


Following the squats that Aaron insisted on, we decided that we would both grab dessert. After taking our alpha lipoic acid, aged garlic extract, and green tea extract, we hurried over to The Cheesecake Factory. I had a Brownie Sundae Cheesecake (which I will likely also have tomorrow, because tomorrow is cheat day).


After this… I decided I was full. You can start calling me Michael Phelps.

Totals Day 82

I am now going to go take a shit for the next 36 hours. Peace.