Hi! I’m Suzie and I’m a pinch overweight. This blog is about my journey from a BMI of 26 to a BMI of 20 while hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

My weight and I have quarreled since puberty. I was a small kid–very active in sports and loved being outside–and I still haven’t topped Napoleon’s height. Unfortunately, puberty hit and I decided that it was time to start storing for a winter that would never come. My highest BMI was 30.3. That, my friends, is what the doctors called “obese.”

My weight has yo-yoed as I aged, and I have finally decided that I am the only person who can put myself in control of my body. It is December 30th, 2010. I am 21 years old and 137 pounds. Let’s get rolling.

Feel free to email me! savingsuzie@gmail.com


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    • I use SparkPeople.com. It’s free and pretty awesome because you can customize what you track. The only downside is that they will “recommend” intake; don’t let it discourage you!

  1. Hi Suzie,
    Just found your blog on 4HBTalk….. I have been looking for a female about my size doing this program and I found you!! I’m only a week in and dropped a ton of water weight the first week, but that was encouraging enough.
    I’m making a blog but I’ve only opened it to myself. I put before pics on and terrified to let them go public, so gotta figure out how to keep ’em private.
    I live in burbs of Atlanta so close by.
    Whats been the hardest part for you? I’m having such a hard time eating every 4 hours. I wake up pretty early and just can’t seem to get the morning meal after breakfast in.
    Okay… enough blabbing. Have a great reward day and enjoy the Super Bowl Food without the GUILT! Tomorrow will be another slow day and the weight will be gone quick.

    • Hi Laura! Glad you found my blog :). I was afraid to post “before” pics too (I think most people are), so I just keep a printed copy of them next to my desk (plus, that way I can be totally nude!)

      The hardest part for me within the first few weeks were cravings, which I combatted with sugarless jello. Oooh, and I am also not always hungry for lunch because I tend to eat a LOT of protein in the morning, so I also have trouble with eating every four hours. Honestly I’m still eating breakfast/lunch/dinner and am losing weight just fine with that. And finally, like with anyone on a diet, I have trouble kicking my butt out the door to exercise.

      When you post your blog, feel free to send over the link! I’ll RSS feed subscribe :).


  2. Suzie — You’re a climber! Me too. I was just going to send an email to someone else asking if they’d like to do 5 questions when I saw this post on your blog and said “I have to talk to her!” I’ve been climbing for ten years and been all over the world. There aren’t many climbers that are into 4hb.

    Anyway, as I mentioned above, send me an email, New John told us to talk to you: http://www.paretonutrition.com/blogs/news/2789222-5-questions-with-new-john I’ve got 5 questions for you. 🙂

    And….forgive me if you already emailed me, I never saw it come through.

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