It Does Actually Get Better (My Experience at CrossFit, Part 3 of 4)

Yesterday’s CrossFit was not as bad as the previous two days. Surprisingly, the starting 500m of rowing helped work out the soreness in my thighs, and that relief has lasted through today.

We learned a number of new forms yesterday, beginning with the front squat. We balanced a weight across our shoulders and our neck, and lowered ourself down into a squat, then came back up.

Next, we learned the box jump, which is literally as it sounds. We jumped on and off a box. Luckily our box wasn’t too high.

Box jump

Following that, we learned how to do sumos. They are a lot like deadlifts, except the toes point outwards, and the weight comes up past the chestline with elbows pointing up. Finally, we learned knees-to-elbows, which are hard to explain. Definitely take the time to watch the 16 second movie:

Yeah. Ow.

The final timed session included two rounds of:

– 5 Front Squats
– 10 Knees-to-Elbows
– 15 Sumos
– 20 Kettlebell swings

My final time was 6:03. I’m doing better. Off to my last day of the introduction class!


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