Acupressure, NAET, and The Most Delicious Primal Omelet Ever

While doing NAET, I’m expecting to do a little of at-home therapy. While the treatment is (hopefully) working, just doing the small amount of acupressure tires me out. I plan to go to bed at 10 tonight, which is unusually early for me.

Today I tried to keep my polarity normal. Polarity treatments are based on the concept of people having a natural energy field that needs to be balanced. I balance my polarity through a spray.

No kidding.

While I’m not sure how 15 sprays of this sucker 3x a day will help me, I can only have good faith.

In addition to righting my polarity, I have to do about a half-hour of acupressure daily. I push on the 13 defined points for 30 seconds a piece, and then rest for 15 minutes. While I do this, I hold a vial of extract that I am trying to treat; this week, the vial has latex.

The vial and the front-facing pressure points

The rest period after acupressure is peaceful. In the future, I plan to do the acupressure right before bed… it is certainly calming.

Food today was good, though I didn’t get a picture of all of it. Most notably, I made the most delicious Primal omelet ever. The recipe follows:
 The Most Delicious Primal Omelet Ever

The Most Delicious Primal Omelet Ever

1 pack of nitrate free organic delicious bacon
– 1/4 vidalia onion
– 3 cauliflower heads
– 1/2 green pepper
– 4 eggs
– 1/2 tsp crushed dill
– Salt, to taste
– Pepper, to taste

– (Optional) Raw milk, to fluff the eggs
– (Optional) Shredded cheese
– (Optional) Jalapeño, for spice
– (Optional) Salsa

Step 1: Dice all the vegetables.

Step 2: Whisk together the eggs, milk and cheese if you’re using it, the veggies, and spices. Make sure that the yolks have broken up completely. If you want a fluffier omelet, letting more air into the mixture (aka whisking longer) can accomplish this.

Step 3:  Fry up the bacon in the pan that you plan to use to make the omelet. SAVE THE GREASE, THIS IS WHERE MAGIC HAPPENS.

Step 4: Keeping your stove at a medium-high heat, add your mixture onto the bacon grease. You will be literally frying your omelet!

Step 5: Tilt the pan or push the egg towards open areas with a spatula. Continue to do this until the egg starts to turn white and the edges get a little crispy.

Step 6: Fold the omelet in half, and let cook for another minute. Flip and repeat.
Step 7: Enjoy! And eat your bacon too!


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