Beginning NAET Treatments

Allergies suck.

Allergies suck.

Today, I continued to amble further down the nontraditional lifestyle and medical path. I started NAET, or Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Treatment.

I have always had allergies. Some less severe, some very severe. The list that I am treating is at the bottom of this post.

While the list is extensive, I realize (and pray) that this treatment could change my life. No more eczema. No more hives. No more fear of eating at buffets, visiting a latex-using doctor, or biting into a chocolate bar. This could really change my life, forever.

NAET treatments are incredibly nontraditional. My doctor aligned my polarity, challenged my body with muscle tests, and had me lie down twice, totaling 30 minutes of quiet, personal time in my first session (which lasted a whopping three hours) over the course of the treatment…. but first we talked about cost.

Insurance doesn’t cover NAET. It’s $60 a session for around 30 sessions, though it could be more or it could be less. Luckily, my doctor praised my diet and lifestyle and said that it was definitely going to hurry along treatment. Out of everything, that made me feel fantastic.

After talking about the cost and treatment plan, we tested how my body’s energy was. There were three sections that I was tested on, and while I can’t remember the specific categories, I scored very well in two and poorly in one. The one that I sunk in was energy level.

Apparently I am tired.

This is odd to me, as I get 8-9 hours of sleep a night, wake up naturally, and drink a lot of water. I am beginning to wonder if going to bed earlier or taking naps midday would be helpful. I know what Grok would do!

After taking an extensive family and personal history, my doctor got to work. We addressed three emotional ties that bound me to negative energy: birth, moving schools, and surgery. All three moments make my allergies worse in the form of stress and bad flow. I didn’t expect the doctor’s trip to be so psychologically taxing, however my guess is that all that bad gunky energy wasn’t just weighing down my allergies. I am glad to be rid of it.

As I briefly mentioned before, muscle testing was a huge part of my first treatment. I held out my right arm while holding a metal device in the other as the doctor gently pushed down. If my body rejected what it was presented with—be it an idea or an allergen—my body couldn’t fight against her; my arm fell. If my body was okay with something, it held strong.

Muscle testing

After confirming many of my allergies, we got down to work: latex. Latex is going to be difficult to beat. It is not only a dangerous allergy, but related to my anaphylactic avocado allergy and all of my potential allergies. The doctor applied acupressure points in a clockwise motion and showed me how to treat myself when I am at home.

We are not jumping into the anaphylactic allergies right away because we want to build a foundation first. I have difficulty believing that potentially all of my allergies can be cured. I am rather excited.

Have you tampered with alternative medicine? Have you heard of NAET? Do you have allergies?

Let me know in the comments!


Sesame seeds
All nuts


Annoying, but not life threatening
Animal dander
Some cosmetics

Allergies I am growing into
All melons (cantaloup, watermelon, etc)

Food for Today

Three egg omelet with salsa, onions, cauliflower, and a hint of cheese, and a banana (Breakfast).

Beef tongue and salad (Lunch).

Bacon (Dinner).

Salmon chowder made with coconut milk (Dinner).

Totals July 11... nicely low carb and high fat!


8 responses

  1. A mutual friend of ours did something similar to this when she was still trying to diagnose her Celiac’s disease. The doctor put wheat on her arm and it fell straight down.

    I hope this goes well for you. I’d like you to be able to eat paleo almond flour cake at my wedding!

  2. Paleo / Primal will go a long way in helping and/or curing many of your allergies. My daughter has a severe cat allergy and it has gotten much better since going Paleo. If you systemic inflammation is decreased your reaction to irritants will decrease also. Many people find other odd things like mosquito bites not reacting as much or acne subsiding.

    • I have definitely heard the same thing from the Paleo community and from my NAET doctor. I also found that in switching to 4HB (and Primal/Paleo), my body also has a weak tolerance for milk and gluten (like many people!). It was really nice to have the confirmation that my diet was doing some good, and perhaps even making it better!

      How long has your daughter been Paleo? How have you seen improvements in her allergies?

      • She is 2.5 and has been Paleo for 5-6 months. If she walks into a room that has had cats in it she immediately experiences flu like symptoms. She even has to have an epi pin for it, although I’m not sure what would cause a reaction that bad other than ingesting a cat… Anyway, she still reacts around the cats, but doesn’t seem to react as quickly or harshly more of a standard allergy or cold reaction than an all out flu. With some Claritin she doesn’t have any symptoms.

      • Hahaha the image of a two year old munching on a cat is hysterical. I’m thrilled to hear Paleo has helped her, and I’m sure that as a parent it must be a big relief to you too! Also, I’m pretty sure that catching it early will help prevent the allergy from getting worse.

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