Still Getting Back Into It (Day 5)

I’m finding it difficult to not cheat here and there and everywhere with paleo. I’m used to falling back on my cheat day, and that would keep me strong during the week. What am I endlessly allured to?

Those fruity, delicious summer drinks.

Yes, in the past few days, I’ve had shots, beers, and piña coladas. Fellow dieters, alcohol is possibly the best way to undermine your diet and travel down a dangerously delectable path to obesity and beyond. I have to stave myself off.

To be clear, no, I’m not drinking alone. I’m a 20-something in the summertime. There is temptation everywhere.

I need to get out of the mindset that alcohol is something I can have whenever I want. I mean I can, but my body can’t handle it. Oh Miss Colada. I will miss you.

I have been without consistent internet for the past few days, but I’ve been pretty good with keeping paleo. I would say I’m 90% there. Okay. Eighty if you count the alcohol. Maybe 75%. But today was especially good. Pictures! 

Fruit salad (Breakfast).

Protein shake (Breakfast).

Lettuce, cucumbers, and tuna fish (Lunch).

Banana (not pictured)

Sweet onion chicken teriyaki salad (Dinner).

Calories for day 5: Unknown because I wasn’t measuring.

Until tomorrow,


7 responses

  1. Cavemen probs didn’t have beer, but I’ve been told a glass of red wine every once in a while is legit.

    I think what may be helpful is not the realization that you can have the alcohol anytime, but more of getting into the mindset that you can relax and have fun any time. It’s kind of like my exercise in my early paleo days to realize that I could go out and have fun without eating.

    Just a thought. ❤

    • I’ve heard that wine and dark chocolate are both okay occasionally. I’m going out to buy some paleo books to confirm/not confirm today.

      And yeah I need to work on having fun without drinking. It’s one of those things where I’m like “well, I’m at a bar… what else is there to do??” (Simple answer: don’t go to the bar!)

      • Indeed. And, not to deter you, but often times if I go out to a bar or whatever with the wrong group of people, I can feel really isolated. I essentially have a different purpose than they do. They are there to get drunk (that’s how they have fun). I am there to talk and have a good time. I feel like those two goals are separate.

        The best time I ever had at a bar is when I went with a group of people from the IHS seminar last summer. There were a bunch of Europeans, and their approach to drinking was a lot different. They got tipsy, sure, but instead of that being the end goal, amazing conversations were had, and I had a good time with them, despite the fact that I hadn’t been drinking.

        My advice would be to try and separate those groups of people, or to try and find ways in which your friends can drink, but there is something else going on so that’s not the main focus of your activities.

        Just some thoughts. Good luck!!

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