Fruit Salad (Day 6)

Had a lovely meal with Aaron’s parents last night. They brought over fruit dessert! I’m finding that I’m going to have to be more careful with how much fruit I eat; I’m eating too many carbs right now.

Morning Bacon!

Morning Eggs!

Salad with nova, raspberries, mangos, and homemade dressing (Lunch).

Banana (Lunch).

Spicy tilapia with olives and tomatoes & salad with balsamic vinegar (Dinner).

Fruit salad (Dessert).

Totals Day 6

Until tomorrow,


4 responses

    • From my understanding, carbohydrates induce an insilin response (spike). Insilin is the hormone in your body that goes out and “gets” the food you just ate. Once it has the food (energy), it then has to decide what to do with it… does it go to muscles? fat cells? organs? Your organs and muscles don’t need all this flood of energy; therefore, when the system gets “backed-up” (picture a traffic jam of energy being carried by the insilin hormone) it settles in fat cells until the “traffic jam” has lifted. On top of that, over time you can become insilin resistant which only exacerbates the problem.

      This is a little sciency and by no means 100% of the information, but I hope it sheds some light on the link between carbohydrates, insilin, and weight gain.

      Feel free to crtique/ add-on


  1. It’s true that not all carbohydrates cause these spikes. Specifically slowly-digested or fiber-bound carbohydrates; however, fruit (containing fructose) is not digested in the same way other sugary or carbohydrate-rich foods are. The problem with fructose really emerges from eating larger quantities of fruit over a long period of time specifically because it gets digested almost exclusively in the liver. Check out the link below for more details.

    Don’t get me wrong, fruit is a much better alternative to a lot of other food you can be eating, but I chose to eat fruit more as a dessert opposed to a component of my diet.

    I hope this helps!


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