Another Month Gone By (Day 90)

Well folks, today marks the third full month that I’ve been on this diet. You know what that means? One more FULL month left, and then I’m switching to paleo.

I haven’t done much over the weekend. I started my outline which I didn’t finish, I started an article which I also didn’t finish, and I watched Glee and finished episodes 2 through 22 and can’t wait to start season 2!

Couch potato food:

Eggs 'n bacon (Breakfast).

Chicken thighs, carrots, and broccoli (Lunch).

Taco Salad (Dinner).

More Taco Salad (Dinner).

Sugarless jello (Dessert).

Totals Day 90

Until tomorrow,


8 responses

  1. I don’t think you mentioned too extensively on here/to me that you were going full paleo after your four months here — Is that a part of the diet or is it a personal decision? *curious*

  2. HI Suzie, I have been following your blog for a few weeks now. I started a blog a couple of weeks ago and called it path to paleo and am doing 4hb just like you are and started last week. I don’t blog nearly as well as you do. I just thought it was cool that you have the same plan as I do. Will you keep blogging when you switch over to a paleo diet?

    Good luck.

    • Thanks Matt! Glad to hear it. What is your site?

      I don’t know if I’m going to continue a post a day once the semester is over, BUT I do plan on continuing to update. Lifestyle change is a journey; it doesn’t just “end” the moment I graduate college 🙂

  3. Hey,

    Sorry if this has already been covered, but I wondered how you thought this diet compared to simply watching calories. I’ve noticed that during the normal eating days, it’s usually between 1000-1100 and it seems like that would cause someone to lose weight whether they were eating 4hb or lean cusines. Is there a comparison somewhere?

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