Starting to Plan for Cheat Day (Day 86)

Okay, Saturday thus far:

Delicious sushi buffet. For those who do not read every single post religiously, I haven’t had my favorite food, sushi, except for once on this diet, which was my first cheat day. I got so sick I thought I was going to die. I’m hoping that this time around will be a little better.
Yoplait yogurt. I saw someone eating it today and my brain went crazy jealous. Want.
A chocolate croissant. Because there is a bakery on my drive to school, and I smelled something croissantish this morning. It smelled so good.

Yup. So… Thursday, Friday, THEN SATURDAY, FUN FUN FUN. I’m so ready for cheat day…

Food for today:

Eggs and bacon (NOM!) (Breakfast).

Salad with bacon and chicken drumsticks (Lunch).

Salad and chicken drumsticks (Dinner).

Bacon (Snack).

Totals for Day 86

Until tomorrow,


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  1. Once again, I find it odd that this diet has so much bacon and other meats. Like possibly too much meat and too much bacon. I would just like to understand why!?

      • This breakfeast of hard boiled eggs, sausages and bacon can not be healthy for one’s cardiovascular system? There must be SOME healthy alternative rather than resorting to breakfast foods that most of america is already ironically getting fat on. Right?

      • Haha, well, I don’t eat the sausage, and it’s extra lean turkey bacon, so if it’s fat content that you’re worried about then have no fear. Alternatives include lots and lots and lots of beans and greens… but I can’t live on that. Most people can’t. Eggs and bacon are easier especially given my diet for the rest of the day.

        As a side note, I don’t think it’s bacon, eggs, and sausage making Americans fat; most Americans don’t eat breakfast! If you had to boil it down to two things, it’s the stressful lifestyle that doesn’t give much way to exercise or personal care (psychological and physical) and the cost of food.

  2. Humans can live on that, I live on that. The perception that you cannot live on that is culturally based I would say, or that “most people” cannot at least. A country like India, has an overwhelming number of vegeterians who are all very healthy and able bodied. Also, it think it is great you don’t eat the sausage! (why is it in the picture?)

    I don’t think that these items have to be breakfast foods, especially sausage in that quantity (pictured above). I would agree that much has to do with a stressful lifestyle. However you must admit that only foods themselves can get you fat, therefore what we eat must play some role? And you say its the cost of food, such foods above (meats) are sometimes cheaper to find and more readily accessible. Its a combination of what the industry offers us, how they miss-inform us and how we give in to their choices (albeit sometimes voluntarily becuase of having no other options)

    • I choose to eat lean meats, and a certain amount of fat really is okay for your body. The sausage is in the picture because Aaron loves his turkey sausage.

      The point of this diet is to cut out carb-heavy naughty foods, like sugar, pasta, bread, rice, etc (and there’s a lot of that kind of food in Indian food!). Bacon is not the enemy here!

  3. Interesting…I was coming to comment on the eggs too. 🙂 But I was going to ask if you actually eat all that food for breakfast. I see by your Spark count that you don’t (hey, we should be SparkFriends…I’m hisc1ay). Why do you taunt us every day with so much delicious breakfast meat that you don’t actually eat?! 🙂

    To respond to Concerned, though, this diet doesn’t have “so much” bacon. Meat, yes, but you’ll find most folks use very lean meats. Suzie does too, but she’s right – bacon is delicious! And even turkey bacon as a certain amount of fat…

    That’s one of the differences between this one and other low-carb diets. I was shocked when a vending machine guy told me that pork rinds are selling like crazy because they’re OK on low-carb diets. But they are *completely* fat. I don’t get that.

    Food alone, though, isn’t making us fat. Certain kinds of food contribute to it more than others, but our lifestyles are precisely what makes us fat. I just published a post yesterday that my wife helped me write. I always found it amazing that so many people in South America were fit, so I asked her (she’s Paraguayan) what she thinks of American lifestyle that keeps us obese.

    My brother in law eats like a horse and he doesn’t gain weight. His metabolism is ridiculous and he lives an active lifestyle (he’s a carpenter). My sister doesn’t eat much, but she also doesn’t move much, so she struggles with her weight. So I don’t agree that “only foods themselves” can get you fat. It’s your lifestyle (and a bit of physiology) that makes the difference.


    • Lol, my breakfast meal is split between Aaron and me; I normally have two whole hard boiled eggs, two egg whites, and 3-4 slices of bacon. I don’t think I could eat that much food in the morning if it was shoved down my throat!

  4. Not to mention one pack of bacon usually lasts us a few days. If we were going through a pack of bacon each day… I don’t want to imagine what that grocery bill would look like…….

  5. @ Concerned

    Actually, if you read the book, you’d notice that eating this much meats doesn’t harm the cardiovascular system…if fact, it helps it.

    It’s the addition of too much carbs and sugars on top of meats that causes problems.

    Tim and his fellow testers experimentors actually realised that their blood colesterol levels dopped significantly on the diet. You’d see the same report on other meaty diets like Atkins.

    Tim also shows that you can’t entirely trust the calorie system as it really depends on how the body uses the food for energy.

    Right now, as you can see, most of on the slow carb diet are eating more than the average meal. I even have late dinner/supper. and I’m losing weight.

    Give it a try!

  6. @ Concerned: high protein, high fat diets can be really good for cholesterol counts, just like they can be good for insulin levels (low carb is great for diabetics).

    I know that the conventional wisdom handed down by the gov’t food pyramid says that bacon and eggs is a killer, but it just isn’t so.

    Good luck and work strong!

    New John


    We will either find a way, or make one. — Hannibal — New John for a New Year, my 4HB blog

  7. @concerned

    I agree with you. Eating so much red meat is not necessarily good for you, although low carb is important it is not all there is to it. Humans need a more balanced diet (and salads don’t count as a vegetable, I mean they do, but that aint enough). Look at places such as Japan and Italy/Greece, where life expectancy and overall health is at its peak and you will not find them eating this way. Losing weight and being healthy are two different things, as everyone here would agree. Suzi, I would hope that in the future you would be open to adding more REAL veggies into your diet and cut down in overall meat intake. Not only will it benefit you, it will benefit the planet!
    ~ Kelly

      • I bet I could count on one hand all the veggies you are eating in your diet. There are so many types of super amazing fantastic vegetables that your body could be benefiting from!

      • I regularly eat spinach, lettuce, carrots, peppers (all colors), mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, tomatoes, radishes, scallions, water chestnuts and cucumbers, which I think is a lot more than most people get in their diets.

      • Also, salad (depending on type, but I am assuming you mostly eat iceberg, which fits the mold here) isn’t the BEST vegetable, its mostly water and often contains not that much nutrients when compared to other denser healthier vegetables

      • @Kelly/Concerned – Oh, and we don’t buy iceberg lettuce, we get spring greens and spinach. So find something else to pick on.

  8. I think lettuce type is one of the silliest assumptions I’ve ever seen. 🙂 (Like, what would make you think about the lettuce type long enough to assume it).

    It’s a misconception that people on 4HB aren’t getting enough veg. We happen to like meat, so we eat it. But we also eat lots of veg. In addition to the meat, beans, and lentils I’ve had this week, I’ve also had: spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, celery, carrots, peppers of various sorts, tomatoes, peas, onions, cucumbers..but they are also the veggies I was eating before. Most people buy the same things week after week at the store, whether they’re on 4HB, nothing, vegetarian, or paleo. Habit is habit.


  9. The meat comments are pretty funny. Obviously if you are posting about eating healthy your eating lean meats. But people have such a misconception about fat. If you aren’t already taking some w3s like fish oil (or flax), I am seeing a big difference now that I am.

    I love te term balanced diet too, from none 4th people. LOL

  10. @Kelly and @Concerned since you’re the same person, I’ll address both of you at the same time 😛 Since we are college students, we have been having trouble finding time to make vegetables lately, but if you look back a month in this blog you’ll see a greater occurrence of vegetables because we were making a conscious effort to make a large amount of steamed vegetables at a time. Since the semester is starting to come to an end, we are being faced with more projects, more homework, more papers, and more tests. It is just good that we are finding the time to make our own dinners and breakfasts right now. In fact, we have some veggies sitting in the fridge right now need to be cut up and cooked. Only problem is tomorrow is cheat day so there’s no reason to make them tonight (and I have lame work I have to do right now anyways…….).

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