Black Coffee and Cinnamon (Day 85)

After two midterms in one day yesterday and the hangover from hell the day before, I am back on the road to trying to live a stress free life. T’chyeah, right.

I tried drinking black coffee with a pinch of cinnamon in it. Tim Ferriss’s balls must be made of steel. Seriously, I thought my face would melt. Blech. I definitely added sugar to that sucker after.

'Twas gross.

I also cheated a bit today. Since I’m at a “healthy” weight it’s hard to care so much. Bah. No good, Sue, no good.


Scrambled eggs--passed on the bacon (Breakfast).

Taco salad (Lunch).

Fajita (beans had cheese on it!!!!!) (Dinner).

Chips... I had about 10. (Dinner).


I just want to point out the two moments today that I didn’t stuff my face full of delicious goodness.

Sooo nommy.


Cheat day pastries are my favorite things in the world, officially. I think that being a college student leads to more free temptations than any other job.


Until tomorrow,


5 responses

  1. Now hang on a second…don’t discount the coffee so quickly! 🙂 What kind did you have? When I started out, I couldn’t do it with just regular coffee (Folgers, et al). Starbucks was bitter at first, but the second cup was delish. I’m not saying you need to get used to drinking crap. I’m saying find *really* good coffee and give it a second go. 🙂


  2. I don’t know; I’ve never had KK’s coffee. I will say, though, that I absolutely LOVE Casi Cielo from Starbucks with nothing in it, not even cinnamon. I usually make about 1.5 tablespoons of bean for each cup (8oz) of water I use.

    Just promise me you’ll try it before swearing it off forever, ok? 🙂


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