Bean Binge? (Day 81)

I got home today and napped napped napped because I needed it! I then ate dinner, and felt hungry again about an hour later. After calculating my calories, I realized that I had only eaten about 800 to that point, so I made myself a massive pot of faux mashed potatoes. Thank god for that 500 calorie “snack!”


Bacon and eggs (Breakfast).

Barbeque chicken and salad (Lunch).

Stir fry (Dinner).

Faux mashed potatoes (Snack).

Totals Day 81

Until tomorrow,


4 responses

  1. I’m curious: why do you count calories?

    I have started tracking my intake using SparkPeople (based on your example;-)) but I do it mainly for data, not to try and regulate my daily input.

    I understand the urge to count calories . . . did it for years. I’d just like to know your thoughts about it.


    New John

    • I started doing it because I wanted to make sure I was getting enough protein in the morning, but I have continued to do it to make sure I get enough calories on this diet. I think it’s really easy to UNDEReat on 4HB haha. Plus… it’s informational to see what foods are really, really bad for you and what is not so bad.

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