The End of 4 Hour Body

Well folks, I did 100 days on this diet, and I’m finding it time to call it quits.

Lately I have been feeling sick, and there is nothing to blame but the diet. I think that weeks of reducing my meals to eggs, stir fry, taco salad, and chicken thighs have ultimately been unhealthy for me. I started taking a women’s dietary supplement a month in to address some of these problems, but it’s not the same as getting the nutrients non-synthetically.

Furthermore, my rate of weight-loss has slowly been decreasing. That is in part because my dedication to the diet has been wavering; I have had about one additional cheat meal a week. However, I also believe that the shock of going onto a low carb diet is wearing off. If you look at Tim’s study in the back of the book, his main study only lasted a month. From there, he only lists extreme cases of people doing well on the diet–like his father. It makes me wonder if in the long term, this diet is only meant for certain metabolisms. Furthermore, I wonder why he didn’t list any long-term women… and studied women far less than he studied men. From what I’ve seen in active 4HB communities, women do far poorer on the 4-Hour Body diet than men. I doubt that this is a coincidence. Thus, I believe that 4HB is great for shocking the system into losing weight quickly for about 4 weeks, but nothing longer than that.

Right now I am at 124.4 pounds, right where I was last week. The following week is my period–my weight will go up, and then likely drop back to 124.4 no matter what I do. After that, I graduate. I’ve decided that I’m going to take these last few weeks of college and focus on enjoying time with my friends instead of regulating my diet so intensely that I decline beers mid-week because I’m afraid of the effects of cheating. Sometimes, I feel like 4HB is a regulated eating disorder, full on with scare tactics, incredibly strict rules, and numeric obsession. Once again, it’s time for me to end.

SO, now that I quit, where do I go from here?

The Post 4HB Diet

There have been many important educational experiences from 4HB that I intend to stick with beyond the diet.

1. Eat a big breakfast with a ton of protein.
In general, this has had  a positive impact on the way that I eat, even if I’m binging. Eating a big breakfast has made me less hungry throughout the day and definitely wakes me up in the morning. I fully intend on keeping with my eggs/turkey bacon/veggies/beans routine in the morning.

2. Emphasize lean meats and vegetables.
I haven’t missed eating fatty meat at all, and I find that I am most ready to exercise after I’ve had an animal-flesh intensive meal. I do miss fruit on occasion, but I agree with Tim that we don’t need to emphasize it as much as the government tells us to. For the most part, fruit is pure sugar.

3. Continue exercising.
This one is a no-brainer. I lose more weight the weeks that I climb more frequently, plus I feel better. Though Tim doesn’t emphasize exercise in his diet plan, he should.

4. Continue avoiding white carbs.
This is going to continue to be difficult for me. I have missed pasta, rice, and bread. However, I do believe that it is what has made me chubby in the past. Thus, I should continue avoiding it.

5. Continue avoiding processed foods.
For the same reasons as above.

6. Continue drinking enough water.
I’m pretty sure that my personal policy of drinking 8-10C of water a day is what led me to getting rid of all my acne and feeling great throughout the day.

Concluding Thoughts

For those who are familiar,  my new diet sounds a lot like primal/paleo. Tim’s diet is based off these concepts, so that shouldn’t be too surprising. However, I’m going to need to toy and tinker to find the right diet for me, not some prescribed diet that’s supposed to fit everyone. I don’t think it works that way.

I intend to keep this blog running to meditate on changes to my diet and keep me honest; this blog has been the best thing for me in my 100-day run on 4HB. There has not been a lot documented about going off 4HB–what to do about the supplements, should I do squats after every meal, should I drink grapefruit juice regularly–so I hope to begin answering some of those questions. I will be happy if I lose more weight but not disappointed if I don’t.

It’s been a good run, folks.
– Suzie


Short and Sweet (Day 93)

  • I was too embarrassed to post that I cheated yesterday. SO I’M POSTING NOW. I had a Blue Moon and a chocolate chimi with ice cream. Not nutritious. Entirely delicious.
  • I managed to leave my phone at home so no pics for today! But I can promise I was good.
  • I’m feeling bloated. NO GOOD.
  • My misery from day 91 felt much better after I went out. Hmm…

Until tomorrow!

Chocolate Chimi

Miserable. (Day 91)

Dear diary, blog, readers, mom,

I don’t know what is wrong with my body. And before I start: no I’m not pregnant, and my period shouldn’t be here for +/- 12 days.

I am writing early tonight to try to calm myself down. I have had miserable, miserable cravings for oats all day. Oats of all things… I didn’t even really eat oats before 4HB, but today, my body just won’t shut up about it.

Have you ever seen Pirates of the Caribbean? In the movie, the bad pirates lust so bad for gold that “the drink would not satisfy, food turned to ash in [their] mouths, nor the company in the world would harm or slake our lust. We are cursed men.” Yeah, well I’m feeling like a cursed woman right now!


Unable to calm my rumbling stomach, I tried eating everything. I had taco salad, creole shrimp, and salted sunflower seeds. All were unpalatable (which is not normal for me), but I forced myself to eat, hoping that my stomach would fill up. Nope, no chance.

I wondered if I could be thirsty? I’m on my 10th glass of water. I’m still starving.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m in ketosis, which is what the Atkins diet aims for. I believe (admittedly, I’d have to check the book), there is some ketosis involved with 4 hour body, but not much. Not like this. I really don’t feel well.

In trying to relax, I took a shower. My stomach is all bloated from the food I ate today and I’ve somehow gained 2.5 pounds (but I’m not panicking; it’s after dinner and only two days after cheat day). HOWEVER, it didn’t FEEL good to see that number on the scale. I know that this is why I shouldn’t weigh myself midweek. I’m light-headed and dazy and unhappy… I just feel crappy.

I either get the oats or the horse that has recently eaten the oats.

Has anyone else gone through something similar? I don’t even remember the beginning of the diet being this bad.


Veggies, eggs, and salsa (Breakfast).

Taco salad (Lunch).

Sunflower seeds (Snack).

Creole Shrimp Salad (Dinner).

Totals Day 91 (ugh so much fat...)

Until tomorrow,

PS:  I told Anon that I would update about caloric versus the 4 Hour Body diet. That post is still in the making.

Another Month Gone By (Day 90)

Well folks, today marks the third full month that I’ve been on this diet. You know what that means? One more FULL month left, and then I’m switching to paleo.

I haven’t done much over the weekend. I started my outline which I didn’t finish, I started an article which I also didn’t finish, and I watched Glee and finished episodes 2 through 22 and can’t wait to start season 2!

Couch potato food:

Eggs 'n bacon (Breakfast).

Chicken thighs, carrots, and broccoli (Lunch).

Taco Salad (Dinner).

More Taco Salad (Dinner).

Sugarless jello (Dessert).

Totals Day 90

Until tomorrow,

Vegging and Binging (Day 89)

Today was a pretty boring day for a cheat day. Admittedly, and embarrassingly, I watched about 9 episodes of Glee. I really enjoyed spending the whole day relaxing and vegging… I haven’t done that for a long time!

Okay, onwards to FOOD:

Breakfast was the traditional 30g+ of protein.

Eggs and bacon (Breakfast).

We then followed our nutritional, delicious breakfast with A BINGE OF UNNATURAL PROPORTIONS. Actually, it wasn’t so bad. The last time I had sushi I got sick. Sushi is also particularly difficult for me because of my allergies to avocado, sesame, and nuts. Thus, the pictures will show more sushi than I actually ate, because the sushi would pop up with unseen sesame seeds and bits of avocado.

Obligatory grapefruit juice.

Sushi plate 1 (Lunch).

Sushi plate 2 (Lunch).

Following my lunch, I sat my flabby butt down on the couch and binged on GLEE. GLEE GLEE GLEE. Which meant that I sat down and didn’t get back up for several hours. This involved a little bit of mindless eating.


Yoplait yogurt.

Two Thin Mints.

Following HOURS on the couch, Aaron joined me for a few more hours for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Hot Tub Time Machine (both were surprisingly fun movies!). We played it lowkey with pizza and coke.

I had two slices and... that whole coke (Dinner).

Which we washed down with a trip to Steak ‘n Shake for a cookies and cream milkshake!

I could only finish half of it (Dessert).

In general, this was a pretty mild cheat day.

Totals Day 89

Until tomorrow,

Measurements Before Binge (Day 89)

Age: 21
Weight: 124.4 Down 2lbs
Height: 5’1″
Body Fat: 26.47% Down 2.01%
BMI: 23.5 Down .38
Neck: 11.75″ Down .25″
Right Upper Arm: 10.375″ Down .375″
Left Upper Arm: 10.25″ Down .25″
Waist: 28″ Down 1″
Around Belly Button: 32.75″ Down 1″
Hips: 35.25″ Down .75″
Right Leg: 18″ Same
Left Leg: 17.25″ Same

Total inches lost this week: 3.625″
Overall inch loss: 18.6″
Overall weight lost: 12.6lbs
Overall body fat % lost: 8.75%

Weight loss and goal line (I can't get rid of the goal line...)

After last week’s mixed failure, I’m feeling much, much better about these numbers!

Until later today,

Barely Time to Write (Day 88)

Gotta do a quick post tonight folks! Lots of healthy snacks today 😛


Eggs and bacon (Breakfast).

Taco salad (I only ate half of it) (Lunch).

Stir fry and lentils (Dinner pt 1).

Carrots (Snack).

Faux mashed potatoes (Dinner pt 2).

Totals for Day 88

Until tomorrow,

Dieting at a Women’s College (Day 87)

“That looks like a healthy lunch.”

The associate dean of my college (whom I greatly admire) was looking down at my heaping plate filled with salad, chopped hard-boiled eggs, and beans. Without thinking who I was addressing, I responded, “Thanks, Dean D——-! This is my 87th day on my diet!”

I wish my professors all looked like this.

He looked away awkwardly and said, “Oh. That’s great.” He resumed attending to his own dish and quickly hustled out of the cafeteria.

Yesterday, I had a similar (but perhaps less awkward) encounter with one of my favorite professors. We ate dinner in our (very late) seminar and my friend caught a glimpse of me taking a picture and asked if it was for the blog. After saying that it was, my professor cheerfully asked what I blogged about.

After raising her eyebrows when I told her I had gained 15 lbs last semester and have now lost that weight, I explained that I was continuing the diet for health reasons, but if I lost more weight I wouldn’t be disappointed (in reality, I will be disappointed if I don’t lose a little bit more, but not devastated). She listened to my four sentence summary, said that it sounded interesting, and then quickly resumed class. Four minutes early.

I understand that talking about diets, especially at a women’s college, must be very difficult for faculty. I mean, it’s no secret that eating disorders hit college women hard and that our body image is distorted, distorted, distorted. I think that it’s easy for professors, superiors, and even fellow students to try to change the conversation instead of engaging the topic head on. Think about it: if I had an eating disorder (which I don’t perceive I do), they could accidentally encourage it or make me/themselves feel uncomfortable. Given stereotypes and statistics, it’s just easier to not talk about diets and lifestyles with women who are 18-22.

That said, I don’t think that avoiding the topic is healthy for people on the diet. If the dieter is honestly changing his/her lifestyle and not doing a juice fast, it’s a big change. Diets are a mild version of getting divorced (from the food you grew up with), a gateway to addressing emotions (tied with food), and can be physically taxing (because their body chemistry is fundamentally changing). Yeah, dieters can be grumpy people because diets are hard! That is why so many diets fail.

That’s why programs like Weight Watchers and Sparkpeople work so well; both websites encourage community among dieters. But I don’t think it’s enough to leave it on the web.


I don’t want my diet to make people feel uncomfortable, and I don’t want people to feel uncomfortable talking to me about the Four Hour Body, why I chose to do a lifestyle change, or dieting in general. I don’t really like it when people ask how much I’ve lost because then I feel pressure to lose more, but other than that I’m very happy and open to discussing.

Note that I’m ranting for myself, and not necessarily for every dieter. I just think that if you can encourage a smoker to stop smoking and a sexaholic to stop accessing porn, then it should be acceptable to encourage people to eat healthier if they are addicted to unhealthy habits.




Scrambled eggs with bacon and salsa (Breakfast).
Giant lunch salad (Lunch).
Carrot sticks (Snack).
Stir fry and lentils (Dinner).
Lime sugarless jello (Snack).
Totals Day 87

Until tomorrow,

Starting to Plan for Cheat Day (Day 86)

Okay, Saturday thus far:

Delicious sushi buffet. For those who do not read every single post religiously, I haven’t had my favorite food, sushi, except for once on this diet, which was my first cheat day. I got so sick I thought I was going to die. I’m hoping that this time around will be a little better.
Yoplait yogurt. I saw someone eating it today and my brain went crazy jealous. Want.
A chocolate croissant. Because there is a bakery on my drive to school, and I smelled something croissantish this morning. It smelled so good.

Yup. So… Thursday, Friday, THEN SATURDAY, FUN FUN FUN. I’m so ready for cheat day…

Food for today:

Eggs and bacon (NOM!) (Breakfast).

Salad with bacon and chicken drumsticks (Lunch).

Salad and chicken drumsticks (Dinner).

Bacon (Snack).

Totals for Day 86

Until tomorrow,

Black Coffee and Cinnamon (Day 85)

After two midterms in one day yesterday and the hangover from hell the day before, I am back on the road to trying to live a stress free life. T’chyeah, right.

I tried drinking black coffee with a pinch of cinnamon in it. Tim Ferriss’s balls must be made of steel. Seriously, I thought my face would melt. Blech. I definitely added sugar to that sucker after.

'Twas gross.

I also cheated a bit today. Since I’m at a “healthy” weight it’s hard to care so much. Bah. No good, Sue, no good.


Scrambled eggs--passed on the bacon (Breakfast).

Taco salad (Lunch).

Fajita (beans had cheese on it!!!!!) (Dinner).

Chips... I had about 10. (Dinner).


I just want to point out the two moments today that I didn’t stuff my face full of delicious goodness.

Sooo nommy.


Cheat day pastries are my favorite things in the world, officially. I think that being a college student leads to more free temptations than any other job.


Until tomorrow,