Where I’ve Been & Diet Progress (Days 72-77)

I was interviewed!

Hey folks, I’m sheepishly getting back to my blog. This has been the week from down under. Long story short, I got really angry with my college and in doing so, I ended up organizing a student protest. This takes a lot of work (and energy!), so I’ve been neglecting my duties as a blogger all week.

Because this past week has been so stressful, I haven’t been great in terms of the diet. I skipped a lot of meals because I wasn’t hungry or didn’t have the time to eat (I even skipped breakfast twice, which is Tim Ferriss’s biggest no-no). On Wednesday, I had a mid-week cheat; I went out to my favorite bar in Decatur, The Chocolate Bar, and had a mixed drink followed by beers at Taco Mac with some queso.

So delicious. So unhealthy.

Fortunately, I was able to be good for the rest of the week… sort of. I only went climbing once because I was just too tired. I also skipped all of my classes on Friday to get ready for the protest. I even smoked a few cigarettes.

This all comes down to how I got to the point where I wanted to diet in the first place. Stress kills the way I treat my body. Granted, this week was extreme stress, but I still need to work on better coping mechanisms than skipping meals, binging on sweets, losing sleep, and bumming a few cigarettes.

There has been additional stress that I haven’t really talked about much on this blog. I am a student in college who is going to graduate in May, and I still have no idea what I’m doing next year. All of my prospects won’t know their answer until April, which is when the lease in my apartment is up. Because I don’t want to stay in Atlanta, this creates an awkward situation with roommates for next year… which includes my boyfriend. My life isn’t secure right now, and it is starting to wear on me.

Dooms day is approaching

Despite my unhealthy efforts this week, I still had a cheat day yesterday. It felt wonderful. Sadly, my scale is broken (there is no WAY that I actually weigh 21.6 pounds… or kilograms!), so I’m going to have to wait until next week to do measurements. Excitingly enough though, I’m fitting into a pair of pants that I haven’t been able to wear for a long time. Success! Success! Success!

Instead of uploading all my photos of all the food I’ve had since Wednesday, I’ll summarize: eggs, beans, lentils, meat, and chocolatinis! Tada!

Until later this evening for a regular post,


4 responses

  1. Hey Suzie,

    Don’t let this get you discouraged. Shit happens and I’ve definitely been more stressed lately myself. It really does have an impact on your mental state and I cheated mid week with a bit of chocolate.

    By the way, thank you for mentioning me in your post on Pareto Nutrition. I’m about to answer the 5 questions myself. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need help with anything, you know my Twitter (@mikestenger) and my email is mike[at]loseaskinnychick.com

    Hang in there and keep kicking ass!

    • Not a problem Mike! Chocolate has been the devil for me. Is there a Chocolate Bar (or equivalent) near you? They should be illegal… instead they’re simply delicious.

  2. Suzie, as far as I’m concerned you could just forget the stinkin’ scale! Your pants will tell you a much better story than your scale will. I mean, eventually the scale will show up, but the rub is in the inches.

    Keep it up!


    • Thanks Jason! It’s just frustrating to keep charts etc and not have a scale that actually takes measurements. I am going to WalMart later today to fix this.

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