Back From Vacation (Days 66-71)

Ya’ll, I’m back in Atlanta! Sadly, I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties, and my duties as a dieter. In taking last week off (spring break! Woo!), I managed to completely slip off the diet. And I mean completely. Enter Friday night, where after gorging on Peking Duck and Challah bread, I went to the theater and had an Icee and a bag of M&Ms. Enter that night, at 3AM, where my body gave up and puked. I literally ate until I threw up. Gross.

SO, needless to say I’m glad to be back on the diet. Though I promised myself that I wouldn’t weigh in until Saturday, I peeked at the scale and saw that I gained 2.6lbs. I mean, it’s two weeks worth of work, but I honestly thought it would be worse. Back on the wagon.

Food for today (and today only… I really don’t want to gross ya’ll out!):

Eggs and bacon--decided against the beans (Breakfast).

Carrot sticks (Snack).

Madras lentils (Lunch).

Jello (Snack).

Beef and broccoli stir fry (Dinner).

Totals for Day 71

Until tomorrow,


11 responses

  1. Good, healthy menu. However I would have been hungry at the end of the day I think. What I do with your menu is substitute the ground beef with beef broth. Then with the 250+ calories I save I eat three packed cups of Bok Choy and have a
    Kroger Carbmaster Lowfat Yogurt (60 cal). Keep up the good work. Have a Great Day 🙂

  2. Glad you are back safe and back on the program, Suzie. Keep up the strong work! =)

    BTW – what program/site do you use to track your food?

    New John

  3. Suzie,

    That bacon looks super crispy. What’s your trick? Do you use a pan or the microwave?

    Also, are those madras lentils the microwave kind in the bag? I saw those but wasn’t sure if they were 4HB friendly.

      • Ok. I will take your word for it! I wasn’t sure because I saw that there was cream in them. I had tried them once before but I wanted a second opinion :-). I bought two boxes today, so hopefully they make a good lunch.

  4. Hey Suzie – really enjoying your posts, I especially like your “10 Complaints and Suggestions for 4HB” – I think you hit a few nails on the head!

    I’m on a mission to share 4Hr Body experiences with as many people as we can (100,000’s) so that more people can have great results and amazing lives.

    So we’ve just launched our 4Hr Body Couple – Couples Challenge, and I thought your readers might be interested? Basically we’re going to follow 5 couples for 8 weeks, and they’ll have free PAGG and free coaching 🙂

    I couldn’t find a contact form to get in touch, but I don’t want to spam with links etc.. let me know if you’d like more info to share with your readers.

    All the best,

  5. Welcome home! btw, I’m heading for Dupont Circle all next week. In rain, cold, and possibly snow. Packing my beans though! Should make for some decent blog entertainment. 😛 You did great over spring break, congrats!

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