Alexandria and Williamsburg (Days 64-65)

Doing the touristy thing is exhausting. Yesterday, B and I took it slow. After working and lounging around the house in the morning, we went to Alexandria, where we toured the Torpedo Factory Art Center, ate dinner, and watched The King’s Speech (if you haven’t seen it, it’s fabulous). With the laziness of the day, I found that I’ve become lazy on my diet… I didn’t even eat breakfast until lunch time (and yes, I got up well before lunch time!). I also had a mojito. Not kosher, very sugary. I don’t want to see the scale when I get back…


Four egg omelet and seven pieces of bacon (Breakfast).

Ruby Tuesday Mojito (I've had much better) (Dinner).

Creole shrimp salad (Dinner).

B's never ending french fries that I happily munched on (Dinner).

Yesterday’s food wasn’t awful but it could have been much, much, better. Unfortunately, today was even worse. I went out to Williamsburg, Virginia to see friends and do the colonial thing. It was fun, and I even made a new friend!

We were instant best friends.

While I had a healthy breakfast and an okay-ish lunch, I ended up splitting dinner with Dad. Onion rings, rice, and even a hot fudge brownie sundae was included. Let’s just say that I scarfed it down like it was cheat day… and I didn’t even do my squats. *Sighs* it’s so much easier to keep to this diet when I’m in a regular schedule and and in my own kitchen. On the flipside, I’m not letting the diet ruin my vacation!

Food from today:

Four hard boiled eggs

Two chocolate squares.

A veggie sandwich with no sauce (Lunch).

Onion rings (Dinner).

One roll, with butter (Dinner).

Chicken piccata with rice (Dinner).

Hot chocolate fudge sundae (Dessert).

I think I might be falling off the wagon… I’m starting to dread Monday when I have to return to 4HB! The ice cream feels really heavy in my stomach… ugh.

Until tomorrow,


6 responses

  1. Yeah, taking a week off can be scary. Do you have any Cissus?

    Just remember that we’ll be here to support you when you get back. šŸ˜‰


  2. Hope you enjoyed your spring break!! Missing your blog šŸ™‚

    Soo…yeah. I feel like I am totally falling off the wagon. January was great, February was only slightly less great, but March has involved lots of non-cheat day cheating šŸ˜¦

    My new plan (since I really only committed to one month but am trying to keep most of the principles in my daily diet) is to take the year in quarters…1st month of every quarter i’m going to be pretty strict on diet, and the next two months i’ll do the best that i can and not beat up so hard on myself when I can’t sustain it for that long.

    I am waiting to see what March will do to my weight measurement but hopefully it will work for me.

    I know you can make it til the end of the semester and i’m anxious to hear what your plans are after and how you plan on modifying.

    • Thanks Tricia! I’m back to blogging now that the break is over. It’s a mixed bag ;).

      Quarters is an interesting idea, but it sounds difficult to maintain over the long term.

      I’ll definitely be blogging about post-college plans! šŸ˜€

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