The Monticello Binge (Day 64)

I can’t believe I’m up so late… it’s 1:12 here and I just got home from chilling with friends and getting drinks around Dupont Circle in DC.

I went out to Monticello today and basked in Thomas Jefferson’s gloriousness. In the process of getting there, B and I had to drive 2.5 hours. When we arrived I needed to pee to the point of pain. We tried shop after shop, restaurant after restaurant, but nobody seemed to be open for lunch on a Monday. When we finally (THANK GOD) found a place to quickly eat and use the restroom, I bolted in. When I returned to the table, there was a warm pile of steamy bread and warm butter next to it. I… binged on it. I decided to let myself go in the stress of finding someplace to eat and relieve myself (not at the same time). I doubt that I will be happy when I step on the scale after this week!

Monticello was wonderful for those who were wondering :). Definitely worth a visit!


Hard boiled eggs, beans, and bacon (Breakfast).

Butter and bread (Lunch).

Greens with raspberry vinaigrette and goat cheese (Lunch).

Taco salad (Dinner).

Cheese plate split 3-ways (Dessert).

A finished hot cocoa with butterscotch schnapps (Dessert).

Until tomorrow,


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