The 10-Hour Road-trip on the 4-Hour Body (Day 62)

Today I drove from Atlanta to DC with a friend. That is no small feat.

638 miles of glorious road-trip.

Why go to DC, you ask? Great question: I’m officially on my last spring break of college. My bff and I are looking at exploring many of DC and Virginia’s tourist attractions, including Monticello, Arlington, the Smithsonians, and Williamsburg. But in order to get there, we had to drive 10 hours. I ended up trying to keep to the diet… ish. Saturdays are normally my cheat days, so I decided to half-ass it. I had a slow-carb breakfast, pseudo slow-carb lunch at Subway (eat fresh :P), slow-carb dinner, and unhealthy mini-dessert.

Despite not losing anything (and gaining .6 pounds…) this week, I feel like it’s okay to binge a little off and on this week. It my spring break, my last spring break as a college student. Cut me some slack!


Bacon and eggs (Breakfast).

Sweet onion chicken teriyaki salad (Lunch).

One piece of sugarless gum (Snack).

Turkey bacon (Snack).

Merlot (with Dinner).

Turkey, salad, and balsamic vinegar dressing (Dinner).

Thin mints and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (Dessert).

Totals for Day 62

Until tomorrow,


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