On Posting Pictures of Myself (Day 59)

A few commenters have asked me to post pictures of myself, and I always have the same response: I don’t want to post pictures of myself online; God knows what trolls could do to them! And while this is true, trolls CAN ruin one’s image with simple photo-manipulation, that’s not the main reason why I don’t post images of myself.

More than anything, I’m afraid of what people will think of me when they see me. My hands are a bit deformed. I’m visibly Jewish. I have red hair. I’m not obese. Basically, I worry that I will ruin whatever (better) conception people have of me by posting photos.

And it’s a shame, because I would have liked to have kept a photo diary of my changing weight. I’ve lost 11 pounds, and I can really start to see and feel my clothes fitting me better. So, I have a compromise: enter Weight Mirror.

Weight Mirror is a cool photo-manipulation tool that guesstimates how your weight will change your body. It seems pretty accurate, though I carry my weight a smidge heavier. Though this is their default model, as in it’s not me, it shows my weight fairly well.

"Before" and "After" 11 pounds

Yeah… so there’s the weight(ish). The internet is full of craziness.

Food for today:

Three hard boiled eggs.... I couldn't handle beans this morning (Breakfast).

Chicken thighs, salad, and Italian dressing (Lunch).

Faux mashed potatoes, turkey sausage, greens, oil and vinegar dressing (Dinner).


Totals Day 59

Until tomorrow,


10 responses

  1. Burger!

    I wish you could see what I do — you are SO beautiful. Seriously. Like… for real. I’m not just being nice — you know that’s not my gig. But really, I can’t even put into words how beautiful and attractive I think you are. On top of that you are all trendy and such, and I am slightly envious (I will have your Lilly Pulitzer skirt…).

    I could gush here and not make much more sense, but seriously. SERIOUSLY. You are amazingly gorgeous.

    • Yeah I do. But the people who can access Facebook already know what I look like; a majority of my blog readers are on the 4HB diet and are male (which means I statistically don’t know them, and they thus have no access to my Facebook). Also, most pictures from Facebook aren’t full-body shots. I can control who sees me online, but not offline.

      Also, I have so many pictures tagged of me because I’ve had my Facebook since 2006 and because I went abroad three times since then. People take a lot more pictures while on vacation or touring, and I happened to be in a lot of those photographs. To give you an idea, before I went to China I only had 500 photos of myself. I went abroad only last year.

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