International Women’s Day + International Pancake Day = Fat Tuesday? (Day 58)

Can’t say I came up with that title alone; kudos to Stephanie from Agnes Scott!

Hooray, Suzie has a cause! So, I upload pictures of my breakfast every day, and it turns out there is a Kellogg’s incentive to feed hungry kids for doing just that! I will try to remember to upload my breakfasts to SHARE YOUR BREAKFAST WITH US AND WE’LL SHARE BREAKFAST WITH A CHILD WHO NEEDS IT from now on. You should consider doing it too :).

Now that my little social plug is over, I’ve had a rough day in terms of cravings. Due to various circumstances, my lunch was eaten over the course of three hours instead of its normal 30 minutes, so I’ve been in an odd state of hunger consistently all day. Unfortunately my normal go-to, Jello, had been eaten by roommates, so I had extra, unfulfilling dinner.

Something that normally helps with cravings is the soothing thought that cheat day will be here soon. However, I have an entire WEEK of cheat day ahead of me, and I have no idea how I’m going to survive a 10-hour road trip without breaking 4HB, so I’m not feeling comforted. Boo.

The best way to address this: early bedtime.


Bacon and eggs (Breakfast).
Chicken thigh, green beans, black beans, and salad (Lunch).
Bowl 1 of Dinner
Bowl 2 of Dinner

**Not pictured: 3 strips of bacon for a snack.**

Totals Day 58

Until tomorrow,


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