I Am Buying A Gym Membership (Day 57)

Oh yeah. It’s almost spring break time! Come 1:50PM on Friday, I am a free woman… all I need to do is make it until then.

I’m also buying a monthly membership to Stone Summit on Friday, which is the biggest climbing gym in the country. I’ve been going twice a week, tonight included, so it’s just cost effective. It’s nice to buy a gym membership because I WANT to be there, not because I’m trying to motivate myself to work out. Major success!

Oh yeah, I'm sexy.

Food today was alright, but I’m finding myself way under calorie count. I’m going to have to make a concerted effort to eat less breakfast so that I can be hungry for lunch.

2 egg, 2 egg white bacon and spinach omelette, salsa, beans, and bacon (Breakfast).

Three strips of bacon... sorry for the abnormally low quality (Snack).

Chipotle bowl (Dinner).

Totals Day 57

Until tomorrow,


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