Getting Ready for Spring Break (Day 56)

As always, today was a slow recovery from yesterday’s cheat day binge. Sadly, the amount of soda last night made me sick to my stomach so I spent a majority of the morning on the toilet. I really hope that I don’t have to keep finding foods that my stomach is too sensitive to handle anymore.

Next week is spring break! Wooo!!!

Basically me, besides when I look like this.


Naturally, I’m a bit worried about doing the spring break thing while I’m on a diet.

My fears:

  • My family has been reading my blog on and off since the beginning, and I worry that they will be disappointed in my weight change.
  • I am definitely going to have to go off the diet a bit, and that I’ll set myself several weeks back.
  • I will grow re-accustomed to eating bad foods, so once I return to Atlanta I won’t want to continue 4HB even though I promised myself I would.
  • I will not exercise for a week and therefore grow lazy and flabby.
  • I will be so concerned about the diet that I won’t be able to enjoy my last spring break as a college student.

There is a bit of good news though: my parents are pseudo-vegans and hippies, so I trust their food will at least be healthy (just not slow-carb approved). I will be in DC and living stress free, which I’m sure is also healthy :). I am also going to take my one week off PAGG next week because we’re supposed to do that once every two months, so I won’t have to worry about missed supplements.

Any advice for how to handle going on vacation?

Post-cheat day food:

Scrambled eggs and bacon (Breakfast).

Carrots and tahini-free hummus (Snack).

Two chicken thighs and salad with balsamic vinegar dressing (Dinner).

.5C sunflower seeds (Snack).

Totals Day 56

Until tomorrow,


9 responses

  1. I would recommend trying to stick to Slow Carb for breakfasts at the very least because it’s the easiest meal to do it. Eggs and bacon or sausage are usually easy to come by. 🙂 Enjoy yourself though and don’t let it a diet ruin your week.

  2. I have my own challenge – after months of a pseudo-vegan diet, I’m off to Morton’s for a business dinner. Last time I was at this particular restaurant, I thought I triggered a gall stone and was flat on my back for two days and getting mentally prepared for surgery. Any suggestions?

  3. Awesome blog. Very detailed, I love it!!
    So, I need to read my 4HB book more thoroughly. The PAGG– how often do you take it? 1x or 2x a day, and why do you need a week off?

    • I take AGG with every meal and PAGG before bedtime. Ferriss recommends taking one day off a week and a week off once every two months. My guess is that he doesn’t want you to become dependent on the supplements.

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