Top Gear and Beer Binge (Day 55)

Today was cheat day! We celebrated by going out for authentic Chinese (I spent a number of months in Beijing, so I was having a sentimental moment), eating lascivious cookie dough, and partying with friends (thus the title “Top Gear and Beer”). I had no idea that rum was so bad for you! It also grosses me out that my caloric intake from drinking alone is the equivalent of how much food I tend to eat in an entire day on this diet. Gross.

Food porn:

Black beans, bacon, and eggs (Breakfast).

Mandatory grapefruit juice

Wonton soup, fried wontons, and duck sauce (Lunch).

A cup of tea and Domino sugar (Lunch).

Mango shrimp, egg roll, and fried rice (Lunch).

One Krispy Kreme original glazed donut (Snack).

Thin Mints and cookie dough (Snack).

A handful of grapes (Snack).

A half-slice of bread (Snack).

Rum and coke x4 (Dinner).

Tahini-free hummus and pita bread (Dinner).

Totals day 55... I ate 3.5x my normal caloric intake!

Until later today,


2 responses

  1. The donut, cookies and cookie dough look AWESOME! I noticed you have a cup of grapefruit juice – I usually only do 1/2 cup (never saw how much was suggested). So, our free way was Friday this week (based on schedule) and I didn’t gain an ounce on Saturday – but much to my dismay – was up 2 lbs this morning. Interesting delayed response to my gluten and sugar festival.

    • They WERE awesome until today… blehh haha. That is strange how your weight change is delayed, though I don’t think it’s possible to “binge” or “cheat” without ANY repercussion (despite Tim’s claims in his book). Either way, you’ll lose it all by your next binge day!!

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