Measurements Before Binge (Day 55)

Age: 21
Weight: 126.0 Down .6lbs
Height: 5’1″
Body Fat: 27.98% Down 1.16%
BMI: 23.8 Down .12
Neck: 11.875″ Up .125″
Right Upper Arm: 11″ Same
Left Upper Arm: 10.75″ Same
Waist: 28.5″ Down .5″
Around Belly Button: 34″ Same
Hips: 36″ Down .5″
Right Leg: 19.25″ Up .75″
Left Leg: 19″ Up 1″

Total inches lost this week: -.875″
Overall inch loss: 11.85″
Overall weight lost: 11lbs
Overall body fat % lost: 7.24%

So this week I didn’t seem to lose a whole lot except for in body fat… which is actually the number that I care about most. I’m gaining inches in my arms and legs but I am still attributing that to climbing (I AM A BEAST! ).

Some people want graphs. Okay!

Weight loss over time (red line is my goal).

Body fat % over time.

Until later today,


8 responses

  1. Nice work! Slow and steady decline.

    Hey – like your charts – are you using Excel or an online tracking tool?

    Keep up the fantastic progress.

  2. Must be nice being only 126 lbs! I can’t remember ever being that light. Maybe you don’t have much you need to lose, but you can focus on staying at that weight. You’re still young so you can make dramatic differences if you keep tracking everything and not let anything slide. Watch out for major life events, though, they have a way of grabbing your attention for a while!:)

    • I’m also only 5’1… so if I were 5’5,” that would be the equivalent of weighing 143lbs. Height makes a big difference! Also, my body fat is, err, not where it should be despite my weight. Either way, I’m happy with what 4HB is doing for me and I don’t ever feel guilty eating, which is a fantastically liberating experience :).

  3. Keep focused on your end goal, Suzie. It’s what keeps us going when we don’t see the numbers we want every time. Knowing what your final target is helps bring us past times when we might otherwise get discouraged.

    I know I certainly wish I’d see all the numbers fall each week but it can’t happen every time; it just doesn’t work that way.

    If your BF is going down, then you are making progress and that’s what counts!

    Cheers! =)

    • Actually, Aaron gained two pounds this week. Totally from the cookie dough! I’m not feeling discouraged though; as long as my body fat % keeps falling, I don’t care so much about the weight :).

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