HE CHEATED! (Day 53)

One thing that frequently happens on this diet is that people lose hope. I’ve watched blogger after blogger give up, and when I tell my friends about 4HB many tell me that it sounds impossible. The truth is: 4 hour body is incredibly limiting. It’s not for everyone… but stick with it long enough and you will lose weight.

That said, I’m having mixed feelings about something that I discovered today. This whole time, the diet has been easier because I’ve been living with my very supportive boyfriend, Aaron. Aaron is 6’0, 152lbs, and is at 11% body fat; he doesn’t need to lose weight. He has been eating pretty much what I have for the past 54 days… or so I thought. Today he told me that he has been munching on cookie dough.

The perp.

I shouldn’t be upset about this. Aaron is at a very healthy weight and doesn’t need to be on the diet; he’s only doing it to support me and because he gained a little weight last semester (he has room to gain a lot more). I didn’t force him onto the diet, but I told him that 4HB was how I was going to change my lifestyle, and he could participate if he wanted to. Obviously he chose to partake.

Which brings us back to the cookie dough. I had believed all this time that I wasn’t the only one suffering through six days of the week. Part of it is that I’m jealous. I’m not a naturally skinny person so I know that if I began cheating on the diet, it would spiral out of control. Plus, cookie dough is something that I’ve consistently had on cheat day; it’s one of my favorite foods. Finally, I’m nervous that Aaron will start cheating more and more, and eventually get off the diet. It is much easier to live this way when you’re living with someone else doing it too.

Part of me feels like a huge jerk. It’s just a scoop of cookie dough, and I was completely content not knowing before Aaron chose to tell me. I think my negative reaction is mostly my anxiety getting a hold of me. I’m beginning to wonder: is anyone else doing 4HB with a spouse or loved one? How does the relationship play into the diet?

Food for today:

Turkey bacon, eggs, and egg whites (Breakfast).

Turkey sausage and sauerkraut (Lunch).

Shrimp stir fry (Dinner).

Totals Day 54

Until tomorrow,


8 responses

  1. i think i understand where you’re coming from. but keep in mind that we’re on slowcarb for ourselves. i actually want to give props to your boyfriend for volunteering to support you in your quest to change your eating lifestyle. but unlike him, who, as you said, can afford to eat a little unhealthy, you’ve committed yourself to a goal. and you know what the end result is. so don’t let it get you down, and don’t let this get him down too.

    eyes on the prize. 🙂

  2. I am doing the diet. My husband is not. It’s hard but during the week our schedules kinda make it so we don’t eat together.That makes it easier. I’m only on my 11th day. I am just amazed that you haven’t cheated. I cheat a little. Please don’t give up you are like a life line to me. You are inspiring.

    • Keep it up Deb! I honestly think it’s easier to avoid temptation when you stop cheating all together…. but the first two weeks are really, REALLY hard! How are you handling your husband not being on the diet on weekends/on meals that you do eat together?

  3. As one who has been on a different diet than everyone else in my home for years now, there are certainly moments when it’s hard. And there are lots of times when I cook something for everyone else knowing full well I won’t eat it at all. But knowing deep down that what I am doing is better for me, sustains me (that and I don’t try to be perfect, but if I am going to eat say wheat, I don’t think it would be cookie dough 🙂 – honestly can say that is something I have never eaten). That being said, I know Aaron’s support is really helpful, but ultimately there’s only 1 person for whom you are doing this…. and that’s you! Can’t wait to see you – one of the good things for both of us being short is that the results show up fast.

    • Haha, I don’t know if you’ll be able to see results yet; I’m just at the weight where I was at the beginning of the summer! No high hopes D: please! And of course Aaron’s support is helpful. The reason that I was upset was mostly that I was projecting fears of my own failure. Epic human psychology isn’t it…

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