Why Body Fat? (Day 52)

As I’ve stated previously, losing body fat has been the goal of this diet. But why? And how much? What does body fat look like?

First off, I started at 35.22% body fat, and I am now at 29.14%. Losing body fat is slow. It measures how fit one is, and how much muscle vs fat there is on one’s body.

Body fat sits differently on women than men. See below for the weight distribution (idk what’s up with her bra…):

High body fat
Low body fat

And for my male readers:


High Body Fat
Low Body Fat

While BMI suggests whether or not I’m “overweight” according to guesstimating governmental officials, measuring body fat is far more accurate. Thankfully, it doesn’t take too much more effort than weighing myself; I just need to have the patience to measure my extremities.

Where do you fall? My goal is 18-20% body fat.


Two hard boiled eggs, two egg whites (Breakfast).

My friend grabbing at my delicious salad and two chicken thighs (Dinner).

Bacon, carrots, beans, two chicken thighs, and salad (Dinner).

Totals Day 53

Until tomorrow,


7 responses

    • Thanks Luke! Same for me here… I always thought it was about how much you weight, but in reality knowing your weight tells you very little about how fit you are.

  1. I’ve been thinking about measuring my body fat. I looked at a calculator and decided that it’d probs be best to do it at my next measuring weigh-in. 🙂

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