Climbing Progress (Day 51)

I went climbing again tonight, and guess what?? I did a 5.9! Two of them! Okay, one was a 5.9-, but still, that’s huge progress for me!

Because I went to the gym, it is now very late and I need to get to bed. Agh I hate getting up at 6:30!


Chinese eggs, mixed vegetables, turkey bacon, and black beans (Breakfast).

Two turkey thighs, white kidney beans, and mixed vegetables (Dinner).

Sunflower seeds (Snack).

Two Slices of Bologna (Snack).

Totals Day 51

Until tomorrow (for a far less rushed post!),


2 responses

    • Haha, no I don’t always skip lunch. Unfortunately sometimes my breakfasts are too big for me to be hungry at noon, or my school cafeteria will have nothing (literally nothing) that I can eat. I probably only skip lunch 2x a week or so :).

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