Talking About Food… Food and Numbers (Day 50)

I realized earlier today that I’ve blogged about food for 51 days straight. That’s close to 15% of a year, or 39.8% of how long I’ve committed to do this diet. That’s pretty crazy to me… who on earth has that much to say about FOOD??

I decided when I started 4HB that I was going to keep to it until the end of the semester. I am still keeping to it, but I am starting to wonder what I am going to do after that goal. If I keep my current rate, I will lose an additional 8.47% body fat and 15lbs before the end of the semester (though the chance of that prediction being spot on, given plateaus etc, is imperfect). After that, I don’t want to continue losing much more weight (final goal is 18%-20% body fat). Ferriss doesn’t give examples of how to get off four-hour body and neither do his followers. I can’t imagine eating like this for the rest of my life. However, I could see taking a number of Ferriss’s concepts and switching to paleo. I see that as entirely doable.

Just some food for thought.

Real food:

Eggs, great northern beans, bacon, and veggies (Breakfast).

Lentils and veggies (Lunch).

Lean beef stir fry with lentils (Dinner).

Totals Day 51


15 responses

  1. I’ve been having some of the same ponderances. I LOVE eating paleo, but there are other things — like bread and cheese — that I love too. I would highly recommend switching to paleo and then possibly gradually re-engaging with breads and dairy, if you don’t feel like you can do without them for the rest of your life.

    Like I said, I am still pondering what I want to do after my weight goal is attained.

      • I worry about that, at least to the point where I am right now. I don’t feel like I could incorporate something like that without completely slipping up again. Maybe in two and a half more months (wow!) I’ll feel differently, but atm I am honest enough with myself to know that I can’t handle that.

  2. I’ve had that same discussion, but I still have a way to go before coming off slow carb. It was a long time ago, but what actually worked for me as a maintenance diet was weight watchers. You can eat just about anything you want, but smaller portions. That’s what I’m going back to when I hit my goal.

    • Yeah I’ve done the WW thing. The nice thing about 4HB/paleo is that you don’t have to worry about controlling your portions so much. I would worry that switching to WW would shock your body with so much gluten and carbs… right? I don’t know. Have you ever tried SparkPeople? It’s like free WW!

  3. I just found your blog. Thank you for posting. I’m only on day nine and I need you. LOL We are about the same size but I’m 50 years old and have Lupus so I don’t work out like you but your numbers are encouraging.

    • Haha glad to hear! Are you keeping a blog? I hear that women older than 40 lose weight very slowly on this diet, so please don’t get discouraged; stick to it long enough and you’ll see the results! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. It will get exponentially harder to lose the fat lbs. I would estimate for gal’s this diet will hit its limits around 16-18% bodyfat. At that point, continuing the diet would just allow you to maintain. The last few pounds and percent can be tough and take much longer though. (not to sound demotivating – your losing at a good rate, so it probably won’t be terrible) You eventually approach and equilibrium point. Many people end up switching to a Paleo diet for health and longevity – as well as to maintain results.

  5. I’ve been doing some experimenting with extra cheat meals last week and this week and the results look promising. I was actually able to lose a pound last week. Still too early this week to see what will happen since I’m up a couple of pounds already.

      • Looks like I’ve been averaging about 2 pounds per week. I cheated on dinners Sun-Wed this week since my Mom was visiting and also had dessert each of those days. This mornings weigh-in showed that I’ve already recovered from all of that and am a half pound below last week with 2 days to go. ๐Ÿ™‚ Time to get strict for the next 9 days (no cheating) to finish out 8 weeks!

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