Feeling Badass (Day 46)

I’m somehow feeling sleepy but energized, probably because I just finished climbing. I’m pretty proud of myself: I did a 5.6, four 5.8’s, and two 5.8+’s. Who’s a badass? I’m a badass.

Actually in general I’ve been feeling pretty great about myself. Atlanta has been warm this past week, so I’ve broken out some slimmer-fitting shirts so that my curves can be accentuated. I think I can finally really tell that I’ve lost weight, and I’ve mentioned earlier I’m pretty excited for Saturday’s weigh-in (excited for a weigh-in, what?).

Speaking of Saturday, cheat day, I have some plans. I’m going to eat lunch at Java Monkey, finally see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, eat some marvelous popcorn, and then attend a going-away party for one of my friends. The only food that I’ve really been craving are Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies. Some girls at my college have major connections that I need to take advantage of.


Ridiculous but adorable breakfast that my boyfriend made me (Breakfast).

Salad (Lunch).

Stir Fry and Lentils (Dinner).

Jello (Snack).

Totals Day 46

Until tomorrow,


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