I WILL Fit Into This Dress (Day 45)

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning (thank you!!), you might remember this purchase: the Lilly Pulitzer “Franco” Prep Green Dress.

The Pretty Dress

I, however, have yet to wear this dress. It’s been sitting, lonely, in the depths of my closet, waiting for someone to wear her. I haven’t even clipped the tag yet!

The dress I have never worn, tag included.

Why did I buy a dress back in January and still haven’t worn it yet (besides the obvious fact that it’s a sundress)? It’s a size four. I am currently a size six. That means that this dress, my dress, is a goal dress. Like people work towards fitting in to their old favorite jeans or aim to lift 200lbs, I want to fit into this article of clothing by the end of the semester. It’s entirely doable.

So blogosphere, meet Goal Dress. I will try her on when my waist is below 27″ and my hips are below 35″. This is entirely doable.

Food today was good.

Egg whites and faux mashed potatoes (Breakfast).

Chicken breast and salad (Lunch).

Taco salad and two chicken thighs (Dinner).

Totals Day 45

Until tomorrow,


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