Holy Guacamole: Cannoli! (Day 44)


This is the temptation I had to face today when I entered my school’s leadership program this afternoon. Stacks upon stacks of uneaten, delicious cannoli. The photo is of my friend’s cannoli, who said that it was two heavy and sweet for her to eat. That meant that it just sat on the table, wafting into my nose and beckoning to me as I had to wait for the program to end.

I know, first world problems, right? The temptation was killing me, but I managed to make it through. Go me!

Beans, eggs, and bacon (Breakfast).

Tim Ferriss Stir Fry (Leftovers, Lunch).

Shrimp stir fry (Dinner).


Jello (Snack).

Until tomorrow,


5 responses

  1. That cannoli story is pretty harsh, but congrats on pulling through! That takes a lot of self-control considering your recent history with cannolis.

  2. First World Problem!!! My SUV is blocked into that parking space because of all the other SUV’s parked around it.

    My organic carrot has dirt on it,

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