Addicted (Day 43)

Wednesday will be a big day for me. It’s my deadline to finish my college’s Writers’ Festival magazine design. For anyone who’s an artist, I have nine prints to finish. I’m not working alone though; though I’m the “art director,” I’m also working with a collager, photographer, and two people who are very good at InDesign.

Despite working with an amazing team, I am slammed with a lot of work. This afternoon, after spending much of yesterday and today on the project, I told myself to stop, take a deep breath, and take some time to myself. I’m going to meet Wednesday’s deadline come hail or hellfire, and I’m willing to sacrifice two hours of sleep for a little me-time.

Amazingly, me-time didn’t include vegging on the couch, sitting and drawing, or writing. Instead, I headed out to the gym to climb, an activity that I normally save for Fridays.

Get the title yet?

More importantly, I am choosing to exercise as a form of relaxation. As a student, it can be super tempting after a long day to just melt into the office chair, waiting for homework to go away or for someone to call to go out. Not tonight.

Tonight, I climbed for myself, for fun. I’m hoping that the emphasis on physical activity in my life will continue!

For the climbing geeks out there, I’m actually very proud of myself. I did four full runs including a warm-up, three of which were 5.8s (I had been struggling since I’m just getting back into climbing)! I have two runs that I couldn’t get in addition to the four—one is a 5.8, and the other is a 5.8+. I’m looking forward to Thursday, the next time Im climbing, to try again!


Beans, bacon, and hard boiled eggs (Breakfast).

Super-healthy salad (Lunch).

Tim Ferriss Stir Fry... ugh, last day in a row on this one!! (Dinner).

Totals day 43

Until tomorrow,



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