Cheat Day vs Normal Day (Days 41-42)

As most Saturdays go, I ate a lot of junk, hung out with friends, and drank a little towards the end of the day. Now fully recovered (it being the END of Sunday, the END of the weekend, and the BEGINNING of the long, long workweek), I am ready to reveal the heart attack’s worth of food I had during cheat day.

Observe, careful reader:

Cheat day breakfast. Pretty standard.

Not-cheat day breakfast (I only had four of those eggs).

Mandatory Grapefruit Juice (Cheat day).

.5 Cinnamon Auntie Anne's Pretzel (Cheat Day).

Lemon-infused water (Cheat day).

Garlic Bread and Olive Oil (Cheat Day).

An (almost finished) plate of four-cheese pasta! (Cheat Day).

3 Slices of Bologna (Not-Cheat Day).

Six oreos (Cheat Day).

Two big scoops of cookie dough (Cheat Day).

One death cookie (Chocolate Chip Cookie with Oreo Inside) (Cheat Day).

Tim Ferris Stir-Fry (Not-Cheat Day).

.5LB Ahi Tuna and Riesling (Cheat Day).

Five Pickle Spears (Not-Cheat Day).

Get ready for it…

Not-cheat day totals:

Not Cheat-Day Totals

Cheat day totals:

Cheat day totals

*Shudders* I can’t believe that I ate that much yesterday! 344 carbs? Ewww…

There are some pretty significant lifestyle differences between cheat day and normal days. On cheat days, the food tracks were I go, and everything revolves around planning food, eating, and getting as much in as possible. On normal days, what I eat doesn’t depend on where I go. It’s pretty similar day-to-day.

Ironically, I lost a little bit when I stepped on the scale this morning. Hooray for squats and Tim Ferriss’s magic? Only next Saturday will tell!

Until tomorrow,


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