Measurements Before Binge (Day 41)

Age: 21
Weight: 129.4 Down .6lbs
Height: 5’1″
Body Fat: 29.80% Up .49%
BMI: 24.4 Down .2
Neck: 12″ Down .125″
Right Upper Arm: 10.875″ Same
Left Upper Arm: 10.625″ Up .125″
Waist: 29″ Down .25″
Around Belly Button: 35.25″ Down .125″
Hips: 37″ Up .5″
Right Leg: 18.5″ Up .5″
Left Leg: 18″ Same

Total inches gained this week: .625″
Overall inch loss: 10.725″
Overall weight lost: 7.6lbs
Overall body fat % lost: 5.42%

Considering I started my monthly today, I’m not at all upset with these numbers… minus my body fat going up. My guess is that the calculation was reacting to gaining .5″ in my hips, which is (hopefully) all water weight.

I’m off to celebrate belated Valentine’s Day! Happy cheat day, ya’ll!


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