Lentils and Soy Sauce (Day 36)

I added a new food to my diet!



Yes friends, lentils. I don’t think that I had ever had them before. Alone, they are really, really bland, but with a touch of soy sauce and mixed steamed vegetables they are proving to be a welcome substitute for beans.

Today was Valentine’s Day. Aaron and I decided to move our Vday plans to Saturday so that it can correlate with cheat day. We are planning homemade ahi tuna with ginger sauce. Though we have our post-Valentine’s Day date all planned out, I still felt like I was missing out on this great holiday because of four hour body. I politely accepted chocolates at school, only to offer them to clientele at work. Yeah, even Lindt extra dark chocolate. That’s dedication.

I am like this IRL.

School is starting to creep up on me. I have a midterm on Wednesday (look at me blog and not study), a portfolio review Friday, and another midterm a week from today. Amidst all this stress my reaction is to find fatty foods to eat. My craving of choice: cookie dough. I ate a ton of it (likely literally…) last semester. Though it’s not romantic, I’m going to have to put it down on the list of foods that I want for Saturday. How the heck is it only Monday??

Anyways, despite my kvetching about food cravings, I was good with the diet today. Adding some variety is really helping. I wish that there were more blogs that included 4HB recipes.


Turkey bacon, chinese eggs, and black beans (Breakfast).

Stir fry and lentils (Lunch).

Three slices of bologna (Lunch).

Lentils, chicken breasts, and mixed veggies (Dinner).

Jello (Snack).

Totals for Day 36

Until tomorrow,

PS: Know any good lentil recipes?? I’m shooting in the dark here…


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