Italian Binge Day (Day 34)

At this point my stomach is painfully full and it actually wore me out to do squats after dinner. Eating like this absolutely exhausts me. Binge day is still my favorite day, but I don’t like how I feel on the day itself. I’m not entirely sure how that works.

We did Maggiano’sPaolo’s Gelato Italiano, and Steak ‘n Shake. I do not know how Italians avoid obesity, because the food is absolutely delicious and totally fattening.

I also babysat little Italian-heritage children, just to put the cherry on top. Having energy for the little kiddies is much, much easier now, though I won’t pretend that they don’t wear me out!

Now time for food coma.

Food porn:

Protein-heavy breakfast. Six slices of bacon and four eggs (two whole, Breakfast).

Mandatory grapefruit juice.

Appetizer bread and olive oil sauce (Lunch).

Fighting over the garlic bread (Lunch).

Lemon (citrus)!

Lobster pasta... I ate about 1/8th of it (Lunch).

A small Tootsie Roll (because I was OFFERED and I could say "YES!")

Grilled cheese, three pickles, french fries and ketchup (Dinner).

Steak 'n Shake milkshake (Dinner).

Two cannolis (FINALLY)!! I ended up only eating the filling (Dessert).

Until tomorrow,


8 responses

  1. I scrolled. 😀 Love Maggiano’s! Today’s our cheat day, it looks like Mellow Mushroom is going to get the nod for lunch and we’ll figure out dinner when we get there.

  2. I scrolled. 😉

    Yesterday was cheat day for me…too much of everything. Best bite for the day: cream cheese kolaches. Mmmmmmmm…… =)

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