How to Drink Socially on 4HB (Day 33)

It’s 1:40 in the morning so I’m going to make this a brief post before bed. Today was great. After a short day of classes, I got to go climbing with a nice group of friends and then chilled for the rest of the evening. As we are all students, there was beer involved. But Aaron and I thought ahead! We bought red wine for the occasion. Thank you Tim Ferriss, for your one alcohol exception.

Climbing went well. I spent most of the evening belaying because I burned myself out trying to get a 5.9. I really want to get back to where I was fast than my body is capable (that is, than my body is capable of doing when climbing only once a week). Either way, the soreness in my arms means that there was a great workout involved :).


I actually couldn't finish breakfast this morning... I think it's because I had a huge amount of protein yesterday. I only had the beans and veggies pictured above.

Taco salad (Lunch).

Fajita contents 1... though I didn't eat the rice (Dinner).

Fajita contents 2 (Dinner).

A (small) glass of merlot.

Lentils and stir fry (Post-climbing snack).

I’m not doing calories today because I’m doggone ready for bed!

Until tomorrow,


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