Happy Monthiversary! (Day 32)

On January 10th of this year, I started my diet. A month in, here are some of my results (and I will do numerical results again after measurements on Saturday too):

I'm a dog person

– I have lost 7.6 lbs as of last Saturday, which reduces my body size by 5.5%.
– I have lost 5.75% body fat.
– I have never cheated on a non-cheat day.
– I have posted all meals on this blog, with the exception of one jello in the first week.

– I am feeling healthier, happier, and stronger.
– Sugarless jello has saved me time and time again from cheating. Sunflower seeds are also amazing.
– Rock climbing is a good decision. I wish I could do it more.
– I really like figuring out a few foods that I want for cheat day. It gives a nice balance of structure and impulsivity for my entire free day.
– Support, both on and offline. ❤

– I am sucking at working out. I’ve probably gone ten times (seven times…) in the past month.
– I still crave carbs and I’m not convinced that I can stay on this diet forever.
– I let the side-effects of my monthly get to me, which Tim Ferris said SPECIFICALLY not to do. This month, I’m just going to try to keep water-weight in perspective.
– Though I take my PAGG stack pretty regularly, I tend to screw up probably 5-10% of the time.

I’m excited for the diet’s progress. I’m excited for cheat days and weight loss. I’m not excited about continuing to do the diet, of course, but I have no idea how I would actually get off of it. Either way, I’m not going to stop until I’m at 18% body fat or weigh 108 lbs.

I’m going to celebrate properly on Saturday with cannolis, Princess Mononoke, and Tesoro’s.

Food for today:

Black beans, veggies, bacon, eggs (Breakfast).
Philly cheese steak with no cheese or bread (Lunch).
Shrimp stir-fry (Dinner).
Jello (Snack).
.5 C Sunflower Seeds (Snack).

Totals for Day 32

Until tomorrow,


5 responses

  1. Suzie I just wanted to let you know that if you keep it up for a couple more weeks your carb cravings will go away! At least for me they did. Now if I go out to a restaurant to the grocery store I just look at bread in disgust.

  2. Whoo hoo!! Congrats girl! Keep it up! You are one of the few blogs that I read on a regular basis and our progress seems to be similar. You help me keep myself on track! Everybody has bad days but I wouldn’t say you’ve had “failures” – what’s important is to celebrate your many successes!

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