Carb Cravings (Day 31)

I have a really nasty habit: I bite my nails. Like, a lot. And today, I got really bad, because everywhere I turned I seemed to see carbs that I painfully craved.

A short list of food I was tempted by today:

  • Homemade chocolate brownies
  • Soda (oooh I wanted it)
  • Fried chicken
  • Candy
  • Sandwiches

The thing is, I’m tempted pretty regularly by these foods in the dining hall. I’m a month in and I have never had such bad cravings. Is it because I didn’t take my PAGG stack yesterday and skipped AGG during lunch today (oops…) on accident? If so, I am never forgetting my pills again!

I still have my heart set on a cannoli for Saturday. The cannoli cheesecake on Superbowl cheat day was gross… I must be satisfied!


Eggs 'n beans with bacon flakes (Breakfast).

Philly cheesesteak without the cheese and picked off the bread (Lunch). There is a pickle wrapped in the napkin too!

Chicken thighs and salad (Dinner 1).

Some sauvignon blanc, served at senior seminar (all hail being a college senior!)

Steamed vegetables and chicken (Dinner 2).

Jello (Snack).

Totals for Day 31


6 responses

  1. I don’t think you are getting enough calories. It’s best not to go below 1200 a day or your body will “hold onto” the food you are taking in. This happened to me. I gained fat on the 4HB diet because I wasn’t getting enough. I believe this is also why you are craving the carbohydrates. Your body is needing some nourishment. I would add in some more healthy fats – olive oil on your salad, some avocado, small handful almonds, more veggies/proteins. Just some “food” for thought!

    • I’ve heard of the “1200” rule too and you’re probably right. I’m not intentionally limiting my calories (I do all my calculations at the end of the day to avoid that actually), but I still need to get out of the mindset of limiting food portions.

  2. Reading you blog everyday!!! Keeping me inspired. This isn’t as easy as it looked. I’m a bit sick of beans and I’ve been chewing so much gum to get the bad taste out of my mouth my jaw hurts… Sugarless gum doesn’t count does it?

    • Haha I’m sick of beans too (and taco salad for that matter). Sugarless gum is okay, but I’ve heard that it can make you crave carbs (myth or fact? Dunno). Chew at your own risk!!

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