Too Soon to Tell (Day 30)

“You can tell she’s lost weight, right?”

That was my best friend a few hours ago, pointing at my belly to one of my coworkers. My coworker smiled sweetly, said that I didn’t need to lose weight, and went on her way.

I felt mortified and I’m not entirely sure why. I’ve been waiting for someone to comment that they think I’ve lost weight, but I didn’t really want it to happen this way. I constantly feel like I haven’t lost enough visible inches, and I remind myself that I’m just barely under the cutoff for being overweight (and that my body fat is bad, bad, bad). Okay, constantly is an exaggeration, but still. I don’t feel like I’ve lost enough yet, and I’ve already lost 25% of my ultimate goal.

I guess impatience is a part of weight loss, especially when you’re short like me. Pounds look bigger on shorter people–it’s a fact–which also means that they come off slower. Grr.

Anyways. Food (off PAGG today):

Eggs, black beans, and bacon (Breakfast).

A philly cheese steak without cheese or the bread! Yum. (Lunch).

Salad and bacon. I didn't have the chicken pictured here... it was gross (Snack).

Stir fry and bacon (Dinner).

I also made more jello tonight! Yay!

Until tomorrow,


7 responses

  1. That was a jackass comment that chick made. A lot of people don’t like to talk about weight loss or their friends/co-workers being on diets, so that may have been what that was about. I stand by what I said–you definitely look slimmer!

    • I agree with Bitsy. People don’t like to talk about weight or weight loss. Even when someone clearly needs to lose weight, we often jump to say that the person doesn’t need to, for a self-esteem booster. It’s become a taboo and difficult topic to deal with, considering how many different opinions there are on it and how sensitive some people can be.

      For what it’s worth, I am always distracted by your beautiful hair and awesome sense of style to really notice if you’ve lost weight. You’re just brilliant in so many (physically and mentally) other areas that it may not be something that people instinctively notice. I’m fo’ srs. You know I don’t bullshit. ❤

      Also, as someone who is both taller and has lost more weight, I also haven't gotten any comments. Dunno if that makes you feel any better or not, but I thought I'd throw that in there.

      I ❤ you, Burger. Stay strong! You'll get there.

      • I feel that it’s a little nutty to be able to support and encourage people to stop smoking cigarettes, overindulging in drugs, or wearing ugly clothes, but they can’t support others in changing their nutritional lifestyle.

        And thank you :). I think that I (perhaps we?) put waay too much weight (pun intended!) in what others think and say.

  2. Don’t feel too bad about that! Sometimes it takes seeing someone that you rarely see before someone says something about it. I lost 60lbs my freshman year of college and nobody I knew at school ever said anything until the almost the end, but whenever I went home people commented on it.

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