Little Food = Short Post (Day 29)

I have a small personal victory that I would like to share with everyone: I got 352 hits on my blog yesterday (74 individual hits)! I don’t think I’ve ever written anything so widely read. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

Coming down from cheat day filled. Me. Up. I seriously under-fed today… but I was honestly full for most of the day! I even skipped lunch. I know Tim Ferriss isn’t proud of me. I’m going to skip my supplements tomorrow to make sure I just haven’t had too much of them. I’m also going to get a full night’s sleep (unlike last night thanks to the Superbowl), which always effects my appetite.


Three eggs (one egg white) and five slices of turkey bacon (Breakfast).

Chicken stir fry (Dinner).

Jello (Snack).

Day 29 Totals

Until tomorrow,


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