Superbowl Cheat Day (Day 28)

Today’s cheatday was a mixed success. I feel like even though I had a diversity of foods (even two different kinds of cakes!), I didn’t eat myself sick. I snacked a lot though, which of course impacted post-meal squats.

Food porn below breakfast:

The day started with a high-protein meal with bacon, eggs, and black beans (Breakfast).

Breakfast Totals

Obligatory grapefruit juice

A shared piece of chocolate cake (Lunch).

Two slices of french toast with maple syrup and apples (Lunch).

1 Walker cookie (Snack).

Some clementine, margarita pizza, and chicken thigh (Dinner).

A quarter of a cannoli cheesecake. Fact: cannoli cheesecake with orange rinds is gross (Snack).

Crab spread on cracker x3 (Snack).

Likely 75% of this bowl of popcorn (Snack).

Until tomorrow,


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