I’m Climbing Again! (Day 25)

After a week and a half of not exercising (and complaining about my lack of motivation to anyone who would listen), I finally did it.

Stone Summit in Atlanta, GA

I went out with an old friend to go wall climbing at Stone Summit in Atlanta, GA. It has been two years since I last climbed, so I was really intimidated. Not only am I 10lbs heavier, but when you stop wall climbing your ability to climb decreases exponentially. I am back at square one. Or so I thought.

Though I’m doing climbs that used to be warm-ups, I went from the 1st, to the 2nd, to the 3rd level of ability today (5.6 to 5.8, for you wall crawlers out there). I honestly didn’t think that I had the physical strength to be able to jump levels so quickly (though, admittedly I struggled with the 5.8 and even fell twice). Confidence people, confidence means everything.

Well, confidence and support. I was climbing with my long-time friend Breneman (who I mentioned earlier in the blog) along with Aaron. Both guys are very supportive and honestly just wants me to do well (and I absolutely wish them the same!!). This kind of support makes climbing possible… or trying anything that I’m a little nervous about.

Working out has been great, but there has been more personal development occurring too. One of my friends told me that I had a certain glow about me. I don’t think that she knows about this blog, but she is so. right. I’ve been feeling incredible. No acne, no depression, no anxiety, and I’m getting lean. This diet is kicking butt not just for my body, but for my psyche too. The best part is, people are noticing!

Food was pretty standard throughout the day.

Beans, bacon, and eggs (Breakfast).

Sausage, mixed vegetables, and great northern beans (Lunch).

Turkey taco salad (Dinner).

Today, finally, was a great day. Now all we need is for the weather to match my mood!

Until tomorrow,

PS: I have plans to go climbing again next week!


3 responses

  1. It’s interesting because other than the aforementioned fitness improvements, I haven’t seen an appreciable difference in my lifestyle. I’m still me, generally pretty upbeat, full of energy. I still get acne. And though I’ve dropped nearly 15 pounds, it has yet to “show.”

    That’s not entirely true. I fit a lot better into a lot more of my clothing (especially my pants) than I used to. I wore my favorite gray slacks today and they had some breathing room in them whereas when I bought them they were almost too tight, and before I started on the paleo adventure, I couldn’t wear them.

    But I haven’t gotten any comments from people. Part of that is a blessing, I think, because the attention makes me self-conscious, but sometimes I wonder. It feeds me weird paranoia that I’ll wake up and hop on the scale and it’ll say 185 again.

    I am happy for you, though (and not really unhappy myself)! It’s good to hear that you are feeling great and all that good stuff. ❤ Keep it up!

    • I haven’t gotten the “have you lost weight?” comment yet. I’m excited and nervous and waiting for it to come. I honestly can’t see my weight loss yet either… I think that’ll happen in three or four more pounds.

      My mood has gone through a dramatic change though. I wouldn’t say that I was depressed (or had depression, though I might have been depressed) last semester, but as I have told you irl, I felt like I was so busy that life was getting planned for me, and I wasn’t getting the chance to enjoy life on my own. The diet has forced me to take a step back. That has been really, really nice. Fitness has a lot to do with it. I’m happier when I’m active. However, I think we all have to keep in mind that baby steps is the best way to approach any huge lifestyle change.

      How long has it taken you to drop 15lbs?? That’s incredible! I’m guessing that I will lose 10lbs total in another 2-3 weeks…

      • I will probs hit 15 lbs by my next weigh-in. which will be 5 weeks from when I started.

        Wow, it doesn’t feel like that long ago… lol

        One of these days I’m going to take measurements and see where it’s coming from. I only have a history of bust/waist/hip measurements, though, so I’m not sure if I will get anything meaningful.

        I wouldn’t feel discouraged (I’m not saying that you are, but I’m putting this in here just in case you are…). Remember that I dropped five pounds the first week and then had a couple of weeks when I was barely eating anything (problem rectified, but still), just cause adjusting to the new eating habits was difficult.

        I definitely think the lifestyle change — not working so much, including the diet, exercise and increased social time — will have made a difference on your happiness level. Though I am sad to not have been around as much to see it, I’m SUPER stoked for you! I know having less to do has made me a lot happier also.

        I know we keep saying this, but hanging out needs to happen.

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