Busy busy busy (Day 23)

So Tuesdays are normally pretty easy going days for me: I have no classes, but I work most of my hours during the day. Since I don’t normally have more than one or two tutees (which can actually be pretty disappointing sometimes), I planned to do all my homework during this time period. Five straight hours of tutoring later, I came home without having started a single page of reading due for tomorrow. I have now read (and reflected on) 220 pages of deep international relations reconciliation theory, and am ready for bed. I had plans to go rock climbing today. That got shot to hell. I haven’t exercised in a freaking week at this point. I am just dragging :(.

Fortunately, I have been able to keep very strict with the diet. I’m starting to feel the results too!

Three hard boiled eggs, one egg white (Breakfast).

Taco Salad (Lunch).

Chicken thighs, salad, and navy beans (Dinner).

Totals Day 23

Rock climbing is rescheduled for Thursday. Unfortunately, some of my friends can’t go. However, my Friday 8:30AM class is canceled, which means I can sleep in and recover from working out and not worry about being up too late. On that note, time for bed!

Until tomorrow,


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