Slowly Getting Sick (Day 22)

Despite waking up in a chipper mood this morning, I didn’t have much of an appetite for lunch and felt nauseous by dinner. I have a low-grade fever and my stomach has been off (which I blame entirely on my too-high-protein breakfast). Being ill on this diet isn’t terrible though, and I’m still managing to get enough protein…. incredible.

Chinese style eggs (two whole), black beans, and turkey sausage (Breakfast).

Navy beans, turkey sausage, and mixed vegetables (Lunch... I ate about a quarter of this).

Chicken broth, vegetables, and butter beans (Dinner).

Totals for Day 22

Until tomorrow,


3 responses

  1. Keep your head up! Might be time to break out some Sriracha to clear your sinuses and get a good sweat going to chase that damn cold away. Also Red Bell Peppers will up your vitamin C which will help your immune system fight back. They also make food look very pretty :).

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