Saturday is Play Day (Day 20)

Saturdays, otherwise known as “binge” or “cheat” days, have become my favorite days of the week. This diet has taught me just how much of my social life revolved around going out and eating and drinking with friends, whereas now I am limited from such frivolity because eating out hardly seems like an option. Therefore, Saturdays, or the days that I can eat whatever I want (provided I eat citrus and do some squats), I am making a point to see friends and loosen up a little. In other words, relaxing in my diet lets me kick back a bit in life too.

As always, I opened up my day with a high-protein breakfast.

Turkey sausage, black beans, two hard boiled eggs, two egg whites (Breakfast).

Grapefruit juice to start the binge.

Enter food porn. Cover your eyes if you don’t want to see it.

Two slices of Papa John's pineapple pizza with garlic sauce (Lunch).

Breadstick with garlic sauce (Lunch).

Peppero (Lunch).

I started chowing on citrus (in this case lime) to make sure my body was processing everything correctly.

Easy Mac (Dinner).

Following dinner, I went to Café Intermezzo for their famous hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps (it’s called a Northface if you ever go), and then returned to the apartment for some boozing with eight other people. Throughout the whole binge, I was with two of my favorite people in the world walking around Atlanta (it was in the 60’s!), watching Cake Boss, and generally having a great time. Atlanta is beautiful year round, for those who have never been.

Welcome to January in Atlanta.

Unlike previous weeks, I can’t wait for next Saturday!

While everyone was having a good time at my apartment, I invited an old friend, Breneman, who I used to rock climb with (three years ago… I would be starting from square one). He insists that I should go back out with him. Though I’m feeling a little self conscious and entirely out of shape for the activity, I think I’m going to give it a go. Next Friday: here we come!

This has never been my experience.


Until later today,


9 responses

  1. One of the things that Anthony and I really stress is to try and break the association of “going out” and “having a good time” to mean going out to eat. This is a lot of how we did things before. Whenever we wanted to go out and/or spend time with each other, we’d go out to eat.

    He has been good about A) making sure, when we do go out, that I am good on my diet and B) that when we do go out, we do something other than eating.

    For example, last night we went to Taco Mac so that I could get some hot wings (NOM), and he was instrumental in me not getting any french fries. He didn’t let me call going to taco mac “going out,” but instead I wasn’t allowed to say we were “out” till we went bowling.

    Bowling was a big blast and we ended up spending more time together than we usually do when we go eat out.

    I think getting rid of that connection is going to be really helpful for me when I get out of the “losing” phase and into the “maintaining” phase. It’s something that I would suggest you look into also, else you might just gain it all back after your loss. 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you’re going to climb again!

    But how do you feel on Sunday after such a binge day? I look at the easy Mac, pizza, and garlic butter and think ‘gross’! Why would it be a treat to do that to my body? The hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, on the other hand ….

    • Haha well my FIRST binge day I ate until I was sick and that taught me a big, big lesson. I actually feel just fine, though during the binge itself I tend to feel really tired and lethargic. Frankly, as long as I do things to make sure I poop at least twice (I know, TMI!!!!) and drink 10C+ of water, I feel fine the following day.

  3. I was wondering if it was just me! I always end up exhausted, but thought it was just poor sleep the night before. Sometimes I’m still lethargic the next day too. Although, I put down way more carbs than it looks like you did!

    • Haha yeah you’re DEFINITELY not the only one, though I do think that the fact that my cheat days are on Saturdays plays into the sleepiness factor as well. I think adding gluten back into the diet has a heavy effect too; I definitely do NOT recommend sushi for cheat day!

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