Lazy Sunday (Day 14)

I am definitely guilty of participating in some major sloth after a rowdy evening last night. My entire eating schedule was thrown off (I ate at 10:30/2:00/8:00) and I even forgot to take my AGG for lunch. Not the end of the world, but not what I want either. I’m ready to get back to the routine tomorrow with exercise, lots of protein, and a more structured schedule.

Soy and balsamic vinegar sauce with eggs (two whole, one egg white), turkey bacon, black beans, and mixed veggies (Breakfast).

Chipotle chicken bowl with a dab of sour cream (agh!! NOT 4HB FRIENDLY: DO NOT DO THIS) and extra beans (Lunch).

Black eyed peas, two chicken thighs, and mixed veggies (Dinner).

Nutritional totals

Today turned out to be a low calorie/high fat day. Good thing? Maybe, maybe not. It’s the carbs that make you fat anyways!

Until tomorrow,


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