That Was Incredible (Binge, Day 13)

Wow Houdini, I’m posting yesterday right now! I didn’t get in until late last night and didn’t have the time to publish. I had a phenomenal cheat day yesterday! The best part of cheat day is just letting go and doing whatever the heck you want in all aspects of your life for about 16 hours (provided you do some air squats). That said, my day yesterday:

Normal high-protein breakfast with eggs, beans, and vegetables

A glass of grapefruit juice, followed by what I have been missing all week: three Keebler® Fudge Shoppe® Grasshopper® cookies

We went out to one of my favorite Atlanta mexican restaurants, Tesoro. I had a strawberry margarita to go with my meal.

Tofu quesadilla (Sorry forgot to photo until halfway through... I was so excited to eat it!)

Four more cookies (because I can!!)

One magnificent original Krispy Kreme donut

I then went to a friend's party. There was so much food available!

I only really wanted a bit of Hawaiian punch though.

I ended the day at Dark Horse in Atlanta. I may have had a few. This is why I didn't post last night.

Though I had beer for dinner and thus didn’t take my third AGG of the day, I would have to say cheat day #2 was quite successful. I definitely did enough dancing to make up for my squats. Can’t wait until next week!

Until later today,


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