Liver Failure (Day 12)

I had the most epic time making dinner today. I was out of groceries save some leftover faux mashed potatoes, vegetables, and .5lb of uncooked chicken liver. I decided that naturally I want to be a grown-up and cook grown-up food, like chopped liver, and just go grocery shopping after my second cheat day (tomorrow)! So after an hour of preparing and cooling the liver as per Grandma’s Chopped Liver recipe, I was ready to chop everything together. I had a (college student) epiphany. My was not going to be well spent chopping liver! Let the machines do it for me! Yes,let’s stick the liver in the blender.

This was a mistake.

What came out was not the perfect chopped liver that I had envisioned, but rather a soupy mess that more resembled hummus than a tasty dinner. However, being ever determined to make something of my creation, I brought the creation to my (college) roommates. Being from the south, there was only on option. Fry that sucker up.

I scooped up a heaping tablespoon and put it into the fryer.

This, again, was a mistake. Nearly moments after I tried to make chicken-liver-based-latkes, the pancake eroded into mush. Never fearing though, I decided to taste what hadn’t disintegrated into the olive oil.

I had to pick out individual pieces of the individual pancake. Yes, the entire apartment reeked.

I tasted it: not terrible. Aaron tasted it, made a face, turned to me and finally said, “Let’s just go to fucking Chipotle.” And so we gave up on chopped chicken liver…. probably forever.

That all said, the rest of my day was pretty normal. I ran and walked for thirty minutes today, walking for two minutes and running for two minutes. I think this is a great way to get back into shape, because two minutes really isn’t that long to run so I can push myself, and walking cools me down between sets (though as time went on, the two minutes running felt like a looot longer!).

Strength training went well-ish. I actually worked out to the point of exhaustion: I went through my first set of reps, and then couldn’t finish the second. I’m not feeling down on myself though because my abs feel great!

I only did both sets on crunches

Meals were somewhat business as usual (well, besides dinner).

Two hard boiled egg whites, one whole hard boiled egg, mixed vegetables and pinto beans, turkey bacon (Breakfast)

I made myself a taco salad at the school cafeteria today. I suspect the salsa had sugar and was full about 1/4 way in (Lunch).

Faux mashed potatoes (Dinner).

Chipotle chicken bowl with no rice, cheese, or guacamole (Dinner).

Of course, with a dinner that ended so pitifully as ours there was only one way to end the day.

Sharing a glass of red wine with my hubby.

All’s well that ends well I suppose.

Final numbers for Day 12

Until tomorrow!


3 responses

  1. Sounds like you are old enough to learn your great-grandmother’s chopped liver recepie. It does include the secret of how to CHOP the liver, as well as the double-secret ingredient. Hint: we are talking about Russia & Ukraine, dahrlink!

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